2012 Interior Design Fee & Salary Survey Results

2012 Salary Survey
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Cover Story. Suzanna Hoppszallern and Beth Burmahl. You may also like Salary Survey results Succession planning for facilities managers Making the case for infrastructure funding. Previous 1 2 3 4 Next. Related Articles Salary Survey results - Page 2 Whether or not they are being compensated for it, managers across the board are being asked to take on more responsibility. Forty-seven percent of respondents reported having added responsibilities as a result of a merger or acquisition while just 12 percent received a salary increase. What will the next skill shortage be?

Are you ready with an increased staff salary budget to enable you to compete for these candidates? What long term training strategies will you put in place to alleviate these skills shortages? Does gender still affect pay in ? Our results show that respondents receiving an annual pay rise has decreased significantly since and again if you only compare it to Why is this trend occurring?

Are employers aware of the impact of not giving a pay rise? Bonuses can be a contentious issue in practices; how much should you give? What should it be based on? Is the bonus achievable? Did employees receive bonuses in ? This highlights a downward trend from but has not fallen to the lower depths that brought. If you look at bonuses and pay rises combined compared to , employees are suffering from a decrease in both aspects — is this what is driving an increased desire to move on in their roles to try and secure a higher salary elsewhere and the ability to obtain a bonus?

An employee benefit scheme has continued to be a hot topic amongst HR Managers and Directors of practices and we are still asked by clients what is happening with them in Architecture and Interior Design. We see that it is being recognised as an integral part of retaining current staff and attracting talent to their businesses. We turned it on its head in our survey this year and asked the candidates rather than the employers what they were receiving as part of their employee benefit scheme.

Already noted in. The most popular benefit was offering employees staff events. A less likely benefit to be on offer was a company car. We were not surprised by this finding with a larger audience of those surveyed being based in central London where company cars are not a common staff benefit.

Private medical individual and flexi-time were also popular options on offer. Flexi-time does not cost an employer anything in terms of financial spending, but it does require increased trust in the employees, and whilst it is sometimes tough to manage on a day to day basis, it is clearly something that employees are pushing for. There was a higher probability of those who have been in their job less than 12 months to receive no benefits at all. Is this a savvy move based on a retention strategy by employers to motivate staff to stay with the business longer to achieve benefits?

Will this make newer staff feel less rewarded?

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A company mobile phone, as part of the benefits package, was also positively mentioned by many completing the survey. How many employers are asking their employees what really matters most to them at work on a regular basis? Below is a list of the core software engineering competencies from the National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies.

According to Robert Half Technology, computer software engineers who possess valuable technical skills in the following programming, database, and Web areas may see a related increase in earning potential. Certifications demonstrate a conceptual understanding and technical expertise in specific areas of the profession. Software engineers can select from a variety of credentialing programs based on their career needs and professional goals.

Below is a snapshot of potential certifications. Advancing in difficulty, there are associate, professional and senior examinations available for each programming language.

Certifications include:. A two-part examination, the first test covers software requirements, software construction and testing, software design, maintenance and configuration management. The second examination reviews software engineering management, software engineering processes, software models and methods, quality and engineering economics, and software project management. The applied examination places the test taker in the position of a professional developer and requires the completion of two performance tasks, which are reviewed and rated.

The MCSD certification is designed for professionals working with Microsoft languages and enterprise development tools. Software engineers have a multidisciplinary, multifunctional skill set that goes beyond programming languages to incorporate everything from project management to computer science. In turn, they rely on a variety of tools and technologies to leverage their technical talent, for example:. The demand for software engineers is driven by the emergence of the information economy and the need for technological solutions for both consumer- and enterprise-based markets.

For example, Robert Half Technology reports that healthcare organizations are seeking new software solutions to improve patient care, while financial service organizations are looking for ways to provide more effective technology-driven services to customers. Coupled with these traditional industries, emerging markets — such as big data, mobile computing, and security — are creating new opportunities for software engineers. Finally, because the complex skills of a software engineer translate across any industry, it is a must-have position in nearly every business sector.

Below is a list of related career opportunities that are projected to experience double-digit employment growth between and , according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Combining business knowledge with computing expertise, business information analysts help companies translate business needs into technical solutions. In their role, business information analysts draw upon an analytical skill set to research, plan and manage how information systems and software can be used to solve business problems.

Web developers have a strong command of Internet conventions and Web applications. Using Web technologies and programming languages, such as JavaScript, HTML or AJAX, Web developers write code for websites, integrate backend systems such as databases with websites and develop new website features and applications. Help desk support specialists have a comprehensive understanding of software, hardware and networking systems. They provide a variety of technical support to companies and their employees, from resolving hardware problems to managing software program installation to troubleshooting networking issues.

Computer systems analysts use an in-depth knowledge of hardware and software systems to determine how an organization can best utilize those resources to operate effectively. They assist companies in identifying technical infrastructure needs, research the design and installation of computing packages, and prepare cost-benefit analyses for information systems. Information security analysts are at the forefront of computer and network security, such as encryption technologies and firewall protection.

By identifying weaknesses, information security analysts develop appropriate security policies that keep data safe. Database administrators have a technical foundation in database structure, installation and maintenance. With specific knowledge of relational database languages e. The hottest, most in-demand software engineering skill is currently mobile application development because of exploding growth in mobile networks, phones, and commerce.

As a result, mobile application developers possess skills that companies want. Below is a list of three spotlight careers in the software engineering field and their corresponding salary figures according to a Robert Half Technology survey. Mobile application developers employ languages and platforms such as JavaScript,. NET and Objective-C to build applications and websites for mobile devices e. Working with mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android, developers design, code, test, debug and document the mobile application development process. A degree in computer science or computer engineering is recommended.

Gartner Inc. Quality assurance engineers devise and execute testing and quality review plans to identify issues during the software development process.

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With an understanding of the software development lifecycle and quality assurance principles, QA Engineers define the scope of testing, conduct manual and automated testing plans, and work closely with developers to identify areas of improvement. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has labeled the career field as an emerging and high-growth field, and it is expected to create , new jobs nationally between and Applications architects combine a knowledge of development tools and system architecture with business savvy and team leadership skills to coordinate the creation of enterprise-level applications.

An important position, an applications architect serves as the team liaison that brings together user experience and front-end developers, programmers and quality assurance specialists on each project.

A convergence of several factors are contributing to the age of the software engineer: the shift to cloud-based infrastructure, the rise of mobile devices and computing, the explosion of big data analytics, the yet-to-be-tapped potential of social media, and the need for companies to provide managed services.

Whether in online technology services, data storage, network management or security, technological innovation is driven by a central need: more effective and powerful computing solutions. Because programming languages and frameworks e. The need for high-skilled informational technology talent stretches across specializations, from information systems to networking, databases to business intelligence.

An education in computer science and software development can lead to a variety of related career opportunities throughout the technology industry. Below is a list of example occupational avenues:. ABET is a leading organization for accrediting undergraduate and graduate programs in science, technology and engineering fields.

CompTIA promotes the interests of information technology professionals by advocating on their behalf and providing professional certifications and educational opportunities for those working in information technology. IEEE is a leading professional organization with the goal of helping humanity through the support of advanced technology. The ICCP is a non-profit organization that offers many internationally-recognized computer certifications. This excellent podcast updates every two weeks or so with compelling expert guests and insider information on the world of software engineering, past, present and future.

This site offers insight into a variety of engineering careers, including software engineer. This is a great basic description of what software engineers do.

You're about to search for degree programs related to a career that you are researching. It's important to recognize that a degree may be required for a career or increase your chances of employment but it is not a guarantee of employment when you complete your degree. Was this page helpful? Software Engineering Basics Combining business sense with programming know-how, software engineers devise software application solutions for business problems.

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Software Engineering In-Depth The practice of software engineering blends engineering, computing, project management, and software development. Pursue Entry-Level Career Opportunities. Database management systems This course covers how database management systems work, as well as how to design, create and implement systems within an organization to meet their specific needs. Skills Gained Gaining familiarity in commonly used database management systems Learning the principles of relational, hierarchical and object-oriented databases Understanding the current trends in data management, such as data mining and business analytics.

Web application development The architectural design of web applications, as well as programming languages and technologies to help build web applications, are reviewed in this class. Skills Gained Designing a web application Implementation and testing client and server solutions Learning user-interface principles. Operating systems Foundational concepts, as well as fundamental principles of operating system design and operation, are examined in this class.

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Skills Gained Commonly used operating system programming languages Computer architecture design considerations File management techniques. Networking Teaches students the basic principles of networks, and the role software plays in their functionality and application. Skills Gained Network security protocols Types of networks Network design considerations.

Object-oriented software development Students will take an advanced programming language in order to solve common computer problems and tasks. Skills Gained Computer programming expressions Understanding how fields and methods work Programming logic. Computer security Students receive an overview of computer security.