31 Ways to Green Your Business (And Boost Your Bottom Line)

Stop Talking About How CSR Helps Your Bottom Line
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Use multiple types of optins to grab attention and capture emails. When you provide multiple entry points to your email list, you increase the likelihood of your email list being noticed and a visitor becoming a subscriber. Regularly review the analytics provided by your email service provider. Use the information to experiment, split test, and discover what your customers are interested in.

Here are a few metrics to watch:. Metrics are indicators of behavior. Rather, review these items on a weekly and monthly basis. You can then realize trends over time. If you have any substantial changes, mark those on the same calendar and see how changes affect your overall metrics over time. This tells you how cost-effective your marketing campaign is when generating new sales leads. To split test, take one element of your email or optin form and change it. Every subscriber will either receive A the original design or B the new version. Review the reports and analytics provided by OptinMonster or your ESP and determine which version was more successful.

Experiment with multiple elements over time to see the greatest results. Here are a few examples of things to test:. OptinMonster Optin Forms.

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Open Rates. Clickthrough Rates. Conversion Rates. With these beginning ideas for split testing, you are well on your way to drastically improving your forms and email newsletters. I nterested in learning more? SEO serves as a map or funnel, bringing a stream of leads to your website , making your website one of the best lead generation tools you have.

To make the most of the opportunity, you need to create and optimize quality content so that search engines and searchers see the value in what you offer, and want to sign up or buy.

Making Sustainability Profitable

Recommended Resource: Need more website traffic? Learn how to rank 1 on Google with SEO tips and advice from the experts. Wondering how SEO for lead generation compares with other lead generation tactics? Cold calling was a much-used lead generation tactic prior to the advent of digital marketing. In contrast, SEO is part of inbound marketing, which helps leads to find you.

And SEO sales leads that find you are more likely to be receptive than people you approach out of the blue. Plus, when you improve your content with SEO, it just keeps attracting more and more traffic over time. The statistics show that:. So, what is SEO traffic generation all about? Your content provides that information. That means:. Read our full content marketing strategy guide for help with this. Rather than take a scattershot approach, create concrete buyer personas so you can target your SEO. Buyer personas bring together the characteristics of your ideal customers in a tidy package or several and include things like:.

Learn more about creating buyer personas in our guide. Be clear on what counts as lead generation for you so you can measure the success of your SEO lead generation strategy. A lead conversion might be when a website visitor:. And you can also use MonsterInsights as an easy way to keep track of analytics data within the WordPress dashboard.

Next, find keywords you need to include in your content to optimize for your SEO lead generation strategy. You can do this by:. Learn more about getting started with keyword research. If you just want a quick check, Google your target keyword phrase and see where your page comes up. Make sure you use an incognito or private window, as Google tailors search results to your account.

For a more structured approach, go to Google Search Console, and take a look at your Performance. SEMRush can also help you to check out the competition by typing the URL of your competitor into the on-screen search box. The results in the top three spots which are the ones that get the most clicks and traffic are the ones you want to beat. Doing content analysis is an important part of using SEO for lead generation. You also want to avoid SEO errors that may hurt your search ranking. Here are some tactics you need to include. See our SEO audit guide for a complete step-by-step tutorial on doing an in-depth audit.

One of the first things to do with existing content is to check for technical SEO errors. Another, more comprehensive tool for this is Screaming Frog. In both cases, you can also do competitive research, allowing you to see where you can out-SEO your competitors. Next, use content analytics to find out which pages are already performing well.

Here are the SEO ranking factors you need to look at:. First, optimize titles and meta descriptions, as these are what people see in search engines when they decide to click. Title length display varies according to the device, making it more difficult to come up with an optimal title length. Make sure you put your target keyword phrase early in the title, so it will show on any device searchers use. The best meta descriptions are between characters. The more appealing you make your descriptions, the more people are likely to click. It includes prompts to help you get titles and descriptions right, as well as look after other SEO issues.

You can:. Learn more about latent semantic indexing and keywords in our keyword research guide. Link building is another important part of SEO. You can also link to high-quality external resources. Increasingly, Google serves up content that answers questions via answer boxes and featured snippets. We describe how it works in the content calendar section of our content marketing guide. The first step in generating leads from SEO is attracting traffic, which you learned how to do following the steps above. But how do you turn those visitors into leads? A good starting point is to create a lead magnet and offer it in exchange for an email address.

Your lead magnet can be an ebook , checklist, download, or anything else that your visitors would find valuable. Try one of these lead magnet ideas for inspiration. To deliver a lead magnet with OptinMonster, follow our instructions for creating your first campaign. You can add a button to this view to let eager subscribers download right away without waiting for the email.

You can use gated content to encourage people to sign up.

First create your campaign, then go to the Inline Settings and choose a content locking style. For example, Obfuscation blurs the text below the campaign. Now you can use a shortcode to publish it on a WordPress site or grab the embed code to publish on other platforms. Lead visitors deeper into your site with onsite behavioral retargeting. Save and publish the campaign. To implement this, after creating and editing your campaign, go to the Display Rules section of the campaign builder. Go to When should the campaign appear?

You can also improve lead generation by tracking conversions in the OptinMonster dashboard, and by using conversion rate optimization tactics such as split testing. Now you know how to use SEO for lead generation to attract more organic leads to your site. Content helps you attract an audience, turn them into leads, and make sales.

And once visitors become customers, you can use more content to keep them informed and interested. The internet is a highly visual place. Learn more about using content for lead generation in our content marketing guide. One of the best ways to capture leads is via email marketing. And email is also the best way to nurture new subscribers. Learn more about email marketing in Email Marketing Made Simple. A landing page is a lead capture tool that asks visitors to complete a specific action or set of actions.

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How does that make them sustainable? Do you want to be on the cutting edge? That makes the ads relevant and increases the chances that searchers will visit your website or call your business. Another way to split-test is to add different locations of your call to action buttons. The following are the reasons why:. Fiscal policy of governments usually claims to be concerned with identifying social and natural deficits on a less formal basis.

Typically, a landing page focuses on a single promotion. Create a simple landing page with our step-by-step tutorial. Looking for something a bit more complex? All those factors can boost lead generation. Good landing page headlines:. Get help with writing landing page headlines with our roundup of headline creation tools and our guide to high converting headlines. Good subheadlines elaborate on what the headline promised. They also highlight the value proposition for your offer. Whether you use short copy or long copy is a personal choice we suggest you split test to see what works best for your target market.

Learn more about creating the perfect optin landing page. The optin form is where you actually ask visitors to give their details.

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Some optin form good practices include:. Get some more tips on creating optin forms in our point checklist. One of the best ways to inspire your website visitors to become leads is with your call to action CTA. A call to action is a word or phrase that encourages visitors to take action. For example, a CTA can ask visitors to:. As well as using CTAs on your landing page, you can use them on any web page, inside blog posts, and in email marketing.

You can also add a CTA to your lead magnet to encourage prospects to take the next step on the journey to becoming customers. For example, a floating bar sits neatly at the top or bottom of your page. Active Campaign gets free trial users each month with a simple floating bar. You can also use a slide-in that appears on the bottom right-hand corner of a web page. See how that works in the video below:. Learn more about unobtrusive ways to capture email leads in our guide. Social media can drive leads directly, nd can improve ranking and visibility for SEO.

People make sales, too. Here are some tips to help you get more from this social media platform. You can tweet text, images, links, and video, but some tweets get more engagement than others. This tool works for multiple social media platforms. You can find the best hashtags and even create and claim your own, on Hashtags. That includes the Twitter bio. Just create a campaign then add the link to your bio to create an instant social lead generation opportunity.

You know another great way to generate leads on Twitter? Take part in Twitter chats. Examples include Bufferchat and SEMrushchat. For best results, use a platform like TwChat or Twitterfall to keep up with conversations since they can get pretty busy! Active participants often pick up retweets, followers, and subscribers. Twitter has pretty good search functions, so you can easily use those to find people tweeting in your niche. As well as finding people, you can respond to tweets, and build up your expertise.

You can also create lists of prospects so you can interact with them later. Learn more about using Twitter for lead generation. Even better, Instagram users love interacting with businesses. People just trust what other people tell them about a product or brand, even if those other people are online.

Instagram is a perfect platform for sharing user-generated content to take advantage of both the social proof and the engagement that the content brings. When you go live on Instagram, the video shows up in your Instagram stories and viewers can interact with you in real time. Discover even more about using Instagram for lead generation. Increasingly, getting visibility on Facebook has been about paying for ads, but there are still plenty of ways to generate free traffic. One of the simplest ways to drive Facebook traffic to your site is to let your fans know about your site.

This is easy if you edit your Facebook profile to include your links.

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Go to your About tab and hover your mouse till you see the edit link. Then scroll down the page, edit, and save. The clickable link will be live. Facebook gives tips, but you get so many notifications that you could easily miss them. To get more traffic from Facebook, you need to reach a wider audience. OptinMonster will let you:. Facebook makes it easy to see your best performing content via Facebook Page Insights.

Once you know, you can create more of the same. Learn more about getting free Facebook traffic to improve lead generation. What if you want to generate leads in particular industries? Urgency and FOMO are also useful, especially when you think about how many people flock to holiday sales. With live chat software like Intercom, listed among our lead generation tools below, you could achieve great results.

Guest blogging is another way to generate eCommerce leads. When you know the sites your target customers visit for information, you can reach them there with a guest post that shows your expertise. Then use the bio to send them back to a landing page on your site.

Learn more about eCommerce lead generation. One way to generate leads in real estate is to start a blog. Blogging is a great way to share information about home staging, local amenities, home improvements and other topics related to real estate. With the right blog, you can generate leads simply by being an authoritative source. Learn how to start a blog in this guide from WPBeginner. Another real estate lead generation tip is to start an email newsletter. As we saw earlier, email is an excellent way to stay in touch with people who want to buy and sell houses.

For best results, segment your email list so you can send different newsletters to different groups of people.

Making Sustainability Profitable

For example, people who are buying homes will want different information from those who are selling them. Get more real estate lead generation tips here. People start planning their trips almost three months out , so email marketing is a great opportunity to get new customers, build brand loyalty, and get your share of the sales. Here are a couple of ideas you can use. Like real estate, it makes sense to start an email list.

Hammond, William J. Kramer, Robert S. Katz, Julia T. Our research finds that a handful of companies are capturing significant value by systematically pursuing the opportunities sustainability offers. We believe the trend is clear: more businesses will have to take a long-term strategic view of sustainability and build it into the key value creation levers that drive returns on capital, growth, and risk management Exhibit 7 , as well as the key organizational elements that support the levers.

How to Make Your Business Eco-Friendly - Green Living

Our survey produced insights into the specific practices of a small group of companies that treat sustainability holistically. Much higher shares of respondents at these leading companies report that they are pursuing each kind of value-creating activity related to sustainability and integrating the organizational elements—mission and values, systems and processes, internal and external leadership, and organizational design—that support such initiatives. The leading companies from our survey can thus serve as a model for others.

In essence, a company must first determine its baseline performance on sustainability issues and then decide on a portfolio of initiatives to create value in those areas. But while many companies understand the impact of their own operations on issues from carbon emissions to human rights, they often have little or no understanding of the impact of the entire value chain.

Seventy-eight percent of respondents at leading companies say they have mostly or completely integrated sustainability into the management of their supply chains; 37 percent of all other respondents say their companies have done so. Moreover, most companies do not actively seek opportunities to invest in any area of sustainability 4 4. Opportunities to create or preserve the most value vary greatly among industries Exhibit 8.

An extractive-services company, 5 5. This group includes survey respondents from the coal, metal, and other mining industries; oil and gas extraction; petroleum and natural-gas distribution; and petroleum refining. A retail company could reduce its resource intensity and costs by revamping its supply chain, since the biggest environmental impact within that sector can often be traced to raw materials, such as the agricultural products used in food or apparel.

An energy company may have more opportunities than companies in other industries to create value through new products—for example, by commercializing investments in smart grids. Integrating sustainability into strategic initiatives is especially important because these issues play out over the long term. GE, for example, placed early bets on climate change: in , before Al Gore and Hurricane Katrina made this a top-of-mind issue, the company resolved to double its research investments and sales in clean technology.

Other companies too have found instructive ways to build sustainability into drivers of value. Most companies creating value through sustainability look first to improving returns on capital, which often means reducing operating costs through improved natural-resource management such as energy use and waste.

As a result Dow, with a 20 percent reduction in absolute greenhouse gas emissions, has gone well beyond Kyoto Protocol 6 6. Companies are also driving down costs by systematically managing their value chains. Moreover, companies can add value by improving employee retention or motivation through sustainability activities or by raising prices or achieving higher market share with new or existing sustainable products.

Whole Foods Market, for instance, raised its sales by 13 percent a year from to , in an economy experiencing single-digit growth.

What Is the Triple Bottom Line?

Companies that rigorously pursue sustainability also regularly revisit their business portfolios to determine the potential impact of trends such as existing or potential climate change regulations that could lead to new growth opportunities. Waste Management, for instance, reinvented itself as a provider of integrated environmental offerings by adding waste reduction and waste-to-energy solutions to its services.

Companies also screen rigorously for unmet needs created by sustainability trends in line with their strategies and identify potential customer segments. ArcelorMittal, for example, embedded sustainability in its organizational design through a department for scientific analyses of the life cycles of steel products. GlaxoSmithKline is looking not only to philanthropy but also to its business model in addressing diseases in less-developed markets. Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. Ships in 7 to 10 business days. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed.

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