A Mans Guide To Proposing

The gentleman’s guide to proposing
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Whether you are looking for an enchanting outdoor setting where you can get down on one knee against the perfect backdrop, like the top of the iconic Table Mountain, or prefer to treat her at a world-class venue with the finer things in life, the Mother City caters for any type of marriage proposal. With so many romantic places in Cape Town to propose you are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding on the setting. TIP: The day doesn't end once she said yes!

Location matters

Think about how the two of you will want to celebrate after the big moment. It all starts with the ring of course. And, when it comes to dreamlike engagement rings, Cape Town is certainly one of the best sources in the world.

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The city is not only the place where the most romantic proposal ideas come to life, but home to Shimansky, where rough diamonds, hand-sourced from local mines , are transformed into shimmering engagement rings that symbolise love and passion. Like every couple, there is a story to each and every Shimansky engagement ring.

As master craftsmen of the most exquisite palladium, platinum, yellow-, white- and rose gold engagement rings in Cape Town, our greatest reward and passion is to become part of your special moment, knowing that you have selected a Shimansky creation for your journey. If you need guidance in finding that one-of-a-kind engagement ring for you holiday proposal we invite you to visit a Shimansky store in Cape Town.

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Like diamonds, there are metals to suit different personalities and styles — so choose carefully. There are many romantic ways to propose on holiday but if you truly want to sweep her off her feet, consider a creative way to reveal the ring.

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Rating details. Rating details. We got married for free on a Monday morning at our city hall every municipality is by law required to offer free marriages , it was a minute thing. Last week, after reading a Reddit thread posing the question, "Men who have been proposed to by their girlfriends, how did you feel about it? Facebook it. Remaining hairless from the eyelashes down while supplying your whole family with emotional support is about as fun as not being allowed to cry as you crumble under the expectation of financially providing for an entire household.

The classic trick of hiding the ring in a dessert or drink is still one of the best tried and tested surprise engagement ideas. TIP: Hiding the engagement ring is a great way to strike her with awe. Just remember to keep track of it.

A Man's Guide To Proposing

What size ring does she need? Those are some of the most important factors when planning your proposal. If you are going down the route of a surprise, subtly get the key information. Because I can assure you, cut, colour, clarity and carat will never matter this much! She might love the idea of it being a couple efforts, going to a jeweller and picking the perfect ring together.

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Going through the proposal process together will show her your efforts and your interest in not only her, but her likes and dislikes, her desires and her dreams. So the big question is… How will you do it? Is she one to be in-front of crowds of people and feel confident?


Or would she prefer intimacy and a more personal proposal? Generate proposal ideas , including where to propose. Know how to write a meaningful proposal speech. Know what to expect after the proposal.

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While we would always advocate that a man strives to be gentleman at all points in his life, a proposal is definitely the time where it's most important. Your level. Asking for a woman's hand in marriage is one of the most important things a man will do in his life. Therefore, a good deal of consideration.

Plan the proposal that will make her happier than she has ever been. The Guys Guide to Proposing Marriage offers more than 45 pages of information, including: Real proposal stories from men who have been in your shoes.

Tips for keeping the proposal a surprise. Specific details about writing your speech.

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