A Mate Beyond Their Reach [Spirit Wolves 1] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour ManLove)

A Mate Beyond Their Reach [Spirit Wolves 1] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour ManLove)
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But he is also a spirit wolf, and a carrier of a deadly virus that can turn any human insane. Trent is a hunter, having lived all his life for his duty to defeat ferals-the plague of their kind. He does not expect a human mate. Claiming Drew would be impossible. Desperate to protect Drew, Trent finds himself in front of a new challenge-their other mate, Valerius, who is a Judiciary sent to keep the secret of their people safe.

Now, Drew has to face the dangers of a world he does not understand. Can Valerius and Trent save their mate before it is too late, or will Drew be forever beyond their reach? Now, finally recovering his memory in his new life as Daniel Lawson, he is overjoyed when he senses his mate once again. For example, at level 5 Warlock has two 3rd level slots that refresh on short rest which is the equivalent of 6 Spirit Points, 1 more then the Shaman gets.

Wotlk Elemental Shaman Guide Table of Contents The purpose of this guide is to show you an optional path for elemental shaman's gameplay. The first portion of the guide details the various abilities, collectibles, and bosses which count towards completion percentage and their locations. This is a detailed guide about Charms in Hollow Knight: Where and how to acquire all Charms and Charm Notches, what they do exactly including very specific values , listing strong and secret combinations and explaining what 'overcharming' is.

Using spoiler tags and numbering Charms, so it's safe and easy to browse the guide searching only for specific Charms or combinations. However, their explosive connection cannot be denied. Fearing what their wild nature might do to Hewitt, the two ferals agree to cooperate with the spirit wolves. But there are more dangerous things in the world than ferals. When Hewitt is kidnapped by mysterious creatures, it will be up to Devon and Mason to rescue their mate.

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This is Scarlet Hyacinths livelihood. Its fair and simple. Please respect Ms. Hyacinths right to earn a living from her work. Amanda Hilton, Publisher www. I just have a brief important note to make. This story directly follows the thread of plot from the ending of the Spirit Wolves series. To fully enjoy Feral you must have read Spirit Wolves first. On that note, thank you to all those wonderful readers who asked for Feral. Prologue Mason stood in front of his leaders throne, watching all the young spirit wolves around him. They were all so anxious, as impatient as him, and for good reason.

Today was the day when theyd finally embrace their inner wolves. Hed always felt his beast close to his heart and ached for the moment when hed finally be granted his heritage. Now, that wish would finally come true. Mason couldnt wait. It seemed to take forever until it was finally his turn. Magistrate Wolfram Rozenstadt stood in front of him and smiled. It was a kind, warm smile, intended to reassure him. For whatever reason, it failed, arousing an odd apprehension inside Mason.

Mason nodded and forced himself to smile back. As ready as Ill ever be. He didnt know if the Magistrate had expected a reply or not, but nevertheless, the elder spirit wolf made no additional comment. Instead, he pressed his hand to Masons forehead like hed done with all the young wolves before Mason. Mason closed his eyes and forced himself to relax. He felt the foreign power intrude inside his mind. His parents had pretty much told him how it worked. The Magistrate would ease Masons way through his first meeting with the wolf in the astral plane by means of his psychic abilities.

Mason had been reassured that his leader would not read his mind, and in that respect, he accepted the process. Then why did he suddenly want to shy away? Why did this seem so wrong? Mason tried to accept the Magistrates help, but the wolf rejected the invasion. It howled, angry and wild, and all of a sudden, Mason found himself invaded by a strength hed never known before.

His beast burst into his mind, wildly snarling at his opponent. He sensed Wolfram retreat and opened his eyes only to see the other man stare down at him in shock. Mason got up, the heat inside his mind so intense it made him shaky. He didnt understand anything anymore.

He gathered something had gone wrong, but what? My lord? The words tasted bitter on his tongue, the wolf sneering at the show of subservience. Mason attempted to leash it in, but he didnt know how.

Scarlet Hyacinth - Feral 01 - Bewitched by Their Mate

Whats the matter? Wolfram didnt give a reply. Instead, he frowned, and an odd, white glow began to emanate from his body. In a flash, Mason found that he could no longer move or speak anymore. The wolf howled at being imprisoned, protesting as the Magistrates power held him in an unbreakable hold.

The unbearable heat increased more and more, and the beast inside Mason clawed to escape. In that moment, Mason understood. Somehow, his connection with his wolf had been too strong to contain. Hed gone feral. He didnt grasp how and why. He was only eighteen, for crying out loud. He hadnt even had time to find his mate, the mate he yearned for with such intensity, let alone be parted from him or her. He had. His fate was sealed.

He knew that. Ferals had no room in the world of the spirit wolves. They were abominations who lived to kill. By rights, Mason should have accepted Wolframs decision and given up right then and there, but righteous indignation and fury rose within him, combining with his instinct of self-preservation. This was not his fault. He didnt deserve to die for crimes committed by others. He didnt deserve to be trialed before hed even done anything wrong. The power burst out of him, and Masons form melted into that of the wolf.

The Magistrates hold on him faltered, perhaps because of surprise, and in that moment of distraction, Mason broke the spell, using every ounce of anger and despair at his disposal. In the background, Mason registered screaming, chaos settling over a previously peaceful and reverent ceremony. Hastily, he rushed out of the hall, thankful for his luck when everyone moved away from his path.

However, the guards were close behind him, and the Magistrate would not allow him a second chance. He needed to get out of there, fast. As he thought this, Mason heard his name being called out, his mothers familiar voice reaching out to him, and he hesitated. He turned to look at her, even his wolf yearning for her warmth and affection.

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Surely, she would know what to do. She would help him. His family loved him. He caught sight of her standing in the doorway of the huge ceremony hall, and it distracted him enough that he missed the approach of the two wolves until it was too late. His fathers heavy bulk sent him crashing to the floor. It was only by virtue of Masons thick fur that he managed to avoid his sires sharp fangs. He almost could not believe what was happening.

His wolf was torn between the sorrow of loss, the confusion of his new power, and the anger over being rejected. Mason focused on the anger and pushed his father aside. The guards were very close now, and Masons body went into survival mode. Without lingering on useless feelings, he started running faster than he had in his entire life. His path seemed to be blocked several times, as the Magistrates Dentheir leaders home and the place where all ceremonies took placeheld hundreds of guards, in addition to the spirit wolves whod come here for this special day alone.

Mason prayed like he never had in his life. His wolf reached out to their creator, the Spirit Mother, begging for her to understand. At first, it seemed that he would not receive an answer, but unlike the Magistrate, she did eventually reply. A burst of energy not his own filled him, and before he knew it, Mason was out of the Den and into the neighboring forest, with the guards a long way behind him. He continued running until he felt reassured that they could not longer reach him. Finally, he stopped by a brook and drank some cool liquid, thankful when it soothed his parched throat.

A ghostly voice sounded in his ears, whispering, I know it hurts now. Mason looked up, half expecting to see his mother there. Instead, a huge white wolf shone in front of the brook. Masons eyes hurt at the brightness, but he lowered himself on all fours for the Spirit Mother and bared his throat. One day it will all make sense, she said. Mason didnt know what to say to that. He didnt think his fate would ever make sense, and the Spirit Mothers quizzical comment merely made him even more confused.

An odd knowledge hit him, the realization that he was special, an Alpha feral. He would be hunted now. But of course, he could hunt in turn. He didnt have to obey the rules. Choose your path wisely, my child, the Spirit Mother added, as if shed guessed his thoughts.

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I can't give it a 3, though part of me wishes I could. I really loved this Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. Now, finally recovering his memory in his new life as Daniel Lawson, he Can Valerius and Trent save their mate before it is too late, or will Drew be forever beyond their reach? He does not expect a human mate. Sandy rated it liked it Jun 15,

And then, she began to disappear until there was no sign shed ever been there. Almost instantly, an acute loneliness hit Mason. His howl echoed in the forest as he acknowledged everything hed lost. What was he going to do now? Chapter One A few hundred years later, present day The wolf carefully trudged forward through the shrubbery, his senses alert to every motion that might let him know something was not right. It was not safe for those like him to approach human towns too much.

It represented the perfect way of getting oneself killed. He was a feral, a rogue whod lost control of his beast. As such, he and all the others like him carried a deadly virus, one they often transmitted to the humans they bit. To avoid this, their former friends and allies, the spirit wolves, dispatched hunters to get rid of the threat.

But there were millions of ferals all over the world, more than the spirit wolves even imagined. In time, a great number of them had learned to disguise their presence, to hide within their beasts until they seemed just wolves, at the same time lingering in forests rather than in settlements. Up ahead, the wolf smelled the distinctive scent of another beast in his proximity. He growled, knowing the second animal mustve felt him, too. Even if hed done his best to disguise his approach, his kind knew these things. An answering growl sounded, but it didnt hold any particular hostilityat least, not more than normal.

There was only one person who could find Devon even after all these years. His kind didnt socialize, not like other shifters did. When they lost control of the animal, they also lost all desire to befriend others. Most everyone was seen as a threat. But those whod known him once remained important, like his former friend, Roarke.

Devon wanted to tear the other wolfs throat out, but his memories from his life as a spirit wolf kept him from doing so. He and Roarke had been friends. In spite of everything, Devon still respected those times. What could Roarke want now? Shifting into his human form, Devon got out of the bushes and into a grove. Roarke waited for him, sitting on a tree stump. Hi, Devon, he said. Whats up? Devon shrugged. Same old, same old. He frowned at Roarke. What are you doing here? What could you possibly want with me?

Roarke got up off the tree stump and sighed. I just came to give you a heads-up. I hear the spirit wolves are planning a peace treaty with the ferals. Im not sure what the Magistrate is trying to pull, but I just thought youd like to know. Devons eyebrows shot up in surprise. He gave Roarke a look of disbelief. Peace treaty? Are you trying to pull my leg?

A Mate Beyond Their Reach

Its not funny. The leader of the spirit wolves, Wolfram Rozenstadt, would never consider peace with the ferals. For crying out loud, hed been hunting them through his dispatched soldiers for ages, even before Devon had become one. Even with all the time that had passed since then, Devon didnt think Wolframs determination to protect the spirit wolves race would have dwindled.

Im serious, Devon, Roarke answered. I ran into a hunter the other day. He tried to capture me, and when he failed, he told me about it. They also have some sort of drug that helps contain the feral madness. Devon admitted the thought of his former friend confronting a hunter all alone made him uncomfortable, but he pushed the troublesome emotions away. Those times were long behind him, and while Devon didnt want the man dead, he couldnt stand the sight of Roarke, either. He did, however, need to find out the truth behind Roarkes words.

Naturally, he didnt trust the Magistrates good. Thanks, he grumbled reluctantly. He didnt trust Roarke, not anymore, but any information was valuable. Ill look into it. It was Roarkes cue to beat it, but the other man didnt take it. He just stared at Devon, his expression pleading. When are you going to let this go? Devon snorted. You know better than to think thats ever going to happen.

Ferals didnt forgive. They lost their capacity after becoming what they were. The part of them that still held a measure of reason merely focused on their survival, and emotions mattered too little. How long has it been now? Roarke insisted. Cant we at least be civil? Devon chuckled. Seriously, Roarke? Were feral. Civil doesnt exist in our vocabulary.

Deal with it. Roarke glared at him. Its never too late to learn new words. Annoyance coursed through Devon at Roarkes refusal to back off. You were the one who broke our friendship.

He growled. You were the one who turned his back at me. Now go, before we do something well regret. Some spirit wolves went feral because of losing their mates. Others, simply because of poor control. For Devon, it had been quite anticlimactic. Nothing of import happened to push him into it. Hed simply become tired, too tired to pursue a life that held no meaning. He had dreamed of finding his other half, but instead of achieving this goal, hed just lived to watch others have what he craved. He hadnt been able to take it anymore, and hed become a feral.

Roarke had taken it as a personal betrayal and made it his business to hunt for Devon. But his little crusade didnt last long, since shortly after, Roarke lost control as well and became the hunted instead. You know Im right, Devon finished. Now go. Roarke took a deep breath, and Devon could tell his former friend was close to losing control. Have it your way. But dont ever say I didnt try. Devon shrugged while the other feral turned into his wolf form and took off. A few moments later, Devon changed shapes as well. Hed found it paid off to stay in shifted form more than in his human one.

As long as he focused his primal instincts on the normal pursuit of prey, they didnt accumulate in a tight ball of violence. But the balance was very tricky, since if he pushed his limits, he might forget he even possessed the consciousness of a rational being. Meeting Roarke had aroused old fury inside him, so Devon launched himself into a hunt.

He ran through the vegetation, sniffing the air in search of an adequate meal. Finally, he detected the scent of a nearby rabbit. It wouldnt be much in terms of a challenge, but dinner was dinner, and the beast would be satisfied with what it got. Devon made his way to the oblivious creature until he got so close its scent made his mouth water. But the rabbit must have sensed something, as it jumped away, just out of Devons reach. Snarling angrily, Devon started the chase. It didnt take long.

The rabbit was small and fast, but no match for Devons powerful paws. In no time, Devon pounced on it, killing the animal in one quick motion. As he feasted on his prey, his anger became a side thought, the beast temporarily sated with the kill. After finishing his dinner, Devon could finally recall Roarkes words without wanting to hunt the man down and tear into his jugular. So the Magistrate had a serum he used on ferals.

Well, Devon could not trust Roarke not to deceive him. He did, however, have an idea as to whom he could ask. As much as he hated leaving the safety of the wild behind, this couldnt be avoided. After he found out what Wolfram Rozenstadt had in mind, hed come back and become just another wolf once again. Enticing scents tickled at Devons nostrils as soon as he entered the familiar diner. From outside, it looked quaint, almost run-down, but the traditional mom-and-pop was actually very appreciated in the neighborhood for the high-quality meals and the dedication of the people running it.

Devon knew the Tanners well, from the very first generation that built the diner in the first place. An exclusive group belonging to underground races often came here. In spite of the harmless appearance of the place, the main business of the family derived from a more important commodityinformation. Devon wasnt sure who started it, but the Tanners had somehow become involved in the lives of the paranormal community. In a sense, they represented a filter of communication, a place where information could be bought and sold, all for the right price.

At the same time, Devon hadnt been here in ages, so it didnt surprise him that he could see some unfamiliar faces. He spotted a lithe figure maneuvering around the tables and smiled in bemusement when he identified the waiter as the familys youngest child, Quinn. Last time Devon visited the diner, Quinn was maybe eight, running around the place in circles and fascinated with Devons hair. He used to ask Devon to change into his wolf formapparently, the Tanners couldnt keep secrets from their ownand Devon complied. In a strange way, Quinn reminded him of his old life, when hed been carefree and happy.

But Quinn had changed a lot since that time. Hed grown into a very handsome young man, and Devon regretted staying away for so long. Even if Quinn was human, Devon still cared about him. Shaking himself, Devon focused on the matter at hand. He made his way through the crowd and, when he saw Quinn had a free moment, caught up with the young human.

Hi, Quinn, he greeted. At first, Quinn looked surprised, but then an honest, gleeful smile lit up his face. Oh, my God. I cant believe it. Youre back. Quinns enthusiasm made Devon a bit uncomfortable. You know me. I like my privacy. Youve grown a lot. Quinn laughed lightly.

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Twenty-three in a couple of days. Time flies so fast.

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It did, indeed, especially for humans. Devon pushed away the sudden image of Quinns youth dwindling into old age. Well, its really nice to see you, he replied, keeping his tone neutral. He decided to pass to the actual issue and keep himself from stalling further. Wheres your dad? Quinns expression darkened. He died. Its just me, Mom, and Dawn now taking care of this place. Im sorry to hear that, Devon replied softly.

He truly regretted the humans passing. Beyond that, it reminded him far too much of how frail life could be. Did you need information? Quinn asked, his voice barely audible now. It seemed to Devon that the human didnt want to talk about his fathers demise further. Is there any place private we could talk? Quinn nodded and gestured Devon to walk with him. Devon followed behind the human, always keeping his senses alert. He didnt feel anyone lurking about or watching him, but that didnt mean he could let his guard down.

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At last, they reached relative privacy in the back room of the diner. Theres been some commotion with the spirit wolves. Have you heard anything about that? Its difficult not to hear about it. Quinn sat on a crate and gave Devon a curious look. Where have you been for the past month? Devon arched a brow at Quinn. Ive been hiding from civilization. He didnt give any other explanation, and Quinn didnt ask. Now, Devon prodded, tell me what you found out. Im guessing you know about the supposed peace treaty the Magistrate wants to sign with the ferals.

When Devon nodded, the. Thats so surprising. For crying out loud, the Magistrate should know better. There could be no peace between spirit wolves and ferals. The war between them extended from times immemorial, and it would go on for as long as shape-shifters would roam the planet. I dont blame your skepticism, Quinn replied. Unfortunately, I dont have any details, but I can direct you to a person who might know. Quinn retrieved a notepad and began scribbling something on a piece of paper.

Devon waited patiently until the human handed him the note. It held a name and an address. Who is this guy? Devon asked. A witch, Quinn replied. The answer surprised Devon. Witches were like Switzerland neutral in all conflicts. They had too many problems of their own to get involved with the issues of other people. But the Tanners had never given Devon faulty information. He must have looked puzzled, because Quinn elaborated.

Wolfram Rozenstadt recently mated a witch, someone named Dietrich Dupont. The information intrigued Devon, at the same time awakening a darker instinct. This Hewitt person might be an indirect connection to Rozenstadt. Perhaps Devon could use him to finally get revenge. He could draw out Wolframs mate and hit Wolfram where it hurt the most. Devon shook himself, forcing the haze of anger out of his mind. Hed have enacted his revenge long ago, but he knew that if he did so,.

Still, he could find out something important from Hewitt. He offered Quinn a small smile.

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How much do I owe you? Quinn waved a hand dismissively. Its on the house. Just dont stay away so long next time. Devon couldnt promise that, and neither could he allow Quinn to just do him favors. In the end, the Tanners were human, and getting too close could only result in pain for all of them.

For that reason, Devon retrieved his wallet and wrote Quinn a check with a generous sum. He might live in the wild, but he still owned a small fortune, and he used it wisely. Go on. Take it, he urged Quinn. Quinn looked pained, but eventually agreed and pocketed the slip of paper. Sighing, he said, Fine. Justbe careful, okay? Youre not the only one whos suspicious of the Magistrate. I havent told others about Hewitt, but its only a matter of time.