Beyond the Storm

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I know many successful people who would trade all their money to go back and spend more time with a family member they had neglected while building their empire. I am not saying that success is bad, but I am saying it is critical to learn how to balance your career and business aspirations while prioritizing your relationships.

Your marriage will not survive forever on autopilot.

BEYOND THE STORM - Mustangs of the Mighty 8th Portfolio

Your children will not be young forever — there are some values you must teach them while they are young. Your parents will not live forever — you must schedule the time to spend with them. Often I have found that among the individuals who grieve the hardest are those who lost a loved one they did not spend much time with because they always thought they would have more time. We should never assume that we will have another chance. We must make the most of every opportunity, seize the day, and maximize the present.

BEYOND THE STORM - Mustangs of the Mighty 8th Portfolio

One way you can keep your hope alive is by making a good confession, declaration, or affirmation over your life and circumstances. Speaking positively over your life is often easier said than done, because we are all bombarded by negativity constantly. There are four ways I cut negativity from my life on a regular basis. I love people. I am a pastor. If you have ever been having a good day and got a call from someone a relative, colleague, or friend and after talking to them you felt worse, then you know precisely what I mean.

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I am not talking about someone who is calling you to vent or someone who is simply having a bad day. I mean someone who is always sad and negative. If you know someone like this, I am not saying that you should never talk to them. Often they are people in your life whom you must talk to, so I am just saying you must limit their access to you or the amount of time that you spend together.

For example, if it is a parent, you may choose to talk to them for the last ten minutes of your commute to work so that the conversation will have a definite ending time. When you are fighting to maintain hope in your life, there are some situations you should avoid. I have found that when we are living our best lives, it is easier to believe the best.

If we focus on thinking right, talking right, and living right, we will find that it is easier to hold on to hope. The truth is that there are some people who will always look at you through a negative lens. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. One way to keep your hope alive is by speaking hope over your life daily.

So, right now, I want you to do an exercise with me. Fill in the blanks below:. I am a conqueror.

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I am victorious. Although I have suffered greatly, today is a new day and I know that my best days are yet to come.

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Every day I chose to win because defeat is not an option. I want you to read the confession out loud every day for twenty-one days, because anything you do for twenty-one days becomes a habit. If you make speaking positivity into your life a practice, it will change your outlook and give you hope. There is nothing that will affect your mindset like wasted time. Be determined and strategic about whom you spend time with and what you spend time doing.

If you adopt these strategies in your life, you will find that it is a lot easier to keep your hope buckets filled! First, the Shunammite woman survived infertility 2 Kings She reminds me of women I know who have waited on a desire of their heart for so long, they have quietly given up. These women are not bitter or angry. Quite the opposite.

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They serve in multiple areas of ministry and are faithful volunteers; however, there is something they long for more than anything else. The Shunammite woman was a blessing to the prophet Elisha. In a present-day church, she might have been a lead greeter, the leader of the hospitality ministry, or a member of the pastoral care team. Elisha was determined to grant the secret petition of her heart, and only a year after his prophesying that she would have the child she had been longing for, she gave birth to a son 2 Kings — But after the child grew older, the unthinkable happened. Her son got a terrible headache and died 2 Kings — So she took him back to the person who started the miracle in the first place and challenged him.

When she reached the man of God at the mountain, she took hold of his feet. She is in bitter distress, but the Lord has hidden it from me and has not told me why. To help you survive your storm, Jerry Jones freely shares his own hard-earned insights gained from his five-year ordeal of watching his wife die after a valiant struggle with cancer. Other storm travelers also share personal stories of death, terror, divorce, and illness.

Together, these Voices from the Storm confirm that you are not alone in your heartache, and their struggles and victories assure you that there is a path that leads to the peaceful shore. After reading the touching stories of these storm survivors, you will find four chapters offering solid, "Assurances from God's Word" that answer some of life's most haunting questions -- Is God really with me? Does God really care?

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Author and inspirational leader Debra B. Morton reveals the secret to surviving and even thriving in the midst of setbacks and painful circumstances. A native of New Orleans, Debra B. Morton reminded those struggling after Hurricane Katrina that "God hasn't forgotten about you.". Beyond the Storm is an essential help for flourishing after the devastating effects of life's blows so you can actively pursue the purpose you were designed to.

Is there life beyond this one? The pages of this book will fill you with comfort and will empower you with strength and fortitude to survive and move beyond the storm. Jerry Jones is a well-traveled and much-sought-after teacher of God's Word. He has two master degrees and a TH.

Beyond the Storm: How to Thrive in Life's Toughest Seasons by Debra B. Morton

He has taught at the undergraduate and graduate level. After the tragic death of his wife of thirty-five years, he met and married Lynn Thompson, who now travels with him all over the country.

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Overall Reviews:. Why you get on with some people and not with others. With Love…. Clinton — Ballito The workshop has done a lot me. I feel really good about Beyond The Storm -- I always describe my own stuff as between travel and dream.

Beyond the Storm By Jerry Jones.