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The Vietnam War

Walter Leland Cronkite Jr. (November 4, – July 17, ) was an American broadcast journalist who served as anchorman for the CBS Evening News for. Walter Cronkite was a lifelong news man who became the voice of the truth for America as a nighttime anchorman. Walter Cronkite helped launch the CBS Evening News in and served as its news anchor until his retirement in He helped launch the CBS Evening News in and.

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The legendary broadcaster was known as "the most trusted man in America"

A piece of your monthly cable payment goes to Fox News, whether you care for it or not. While most stories on the Evening News got two minutes of coverage, Cronkite dedicated 14 minutes of Oct. He is best remembered as the anchorman and managing editor of the CBS Evening News from to There is also some career recapping in the book before , it was an amazing career , and efforts to explain some of the weirder moments during his tenure as anchorman, such as the night he walked off the set when coverage of a tennis match ran over and the network went black for six minutes. News Check out our latest updates. Joseph, Missouri , U. The term "anchorman" was applied to some other broadcasters in other contexts earlier than it was to Mr.

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Steve Brobeck. A year and a half into his tenure at CBS, Cronkite had to report one of the biggest stories of his lifetime - the assassination of President John F. When Kennedy died, Cronkite was the first to report it 38 minutes later. Image: Wikimedia Commons.

While editorializing is typically frowned upon when it comes to keeping news objective. However, when Cronkite went to Vietnam to cover the Tet offensive, he was unable to stay silent. He delivered one of the first biased, albeit poised and professional newscasts in February when he got home.

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He read an editorial written by his executive producer Ernest Leiser. Is there a more notorious convention than the Democratic National Convention of ? This convention was held at a tense time in American politics following the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy and the DNC was welcomed with protests and riots that took place outside of the convention as well as in cities across the nation.