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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
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Harry shares his vision, though Hermione urges him to close his mind from Voldemort. While this chapter stresses action and plot more than character, Mad Eye's death is not only a great loss to the Order of the Phoenix, but it has a profound effect on Harry, who resists having others risk their lives to protect him. Harry, however, is still unable to fully comprehend that Voldemort threatens the entire Wizarding community, not only him, or that the Dark Lord cannot be defeated by one person alone.

Voldemort now appears to have the greater advantage, and his power is growing. The Death Eaters knew exactly when and where Harry would be moved; the Order barely survived the attack, and at a great cost. It seems the Order's tight security has been breached: despite meticulous preparation, the secret plan to move Harry to a safe house was leaked, indicating a spy may be within the Order of the Phoenix.

If that is true, it would seem to be someone with close ties to Snape, as he provided Voldemort with the information about the Order's plan. Order member Mundungus Fletcher, a rather disreputable character, was initially suspected, though his loyalty has never been doubted until now. However, this idea is quickly discounted because Voldemort and the Death Eaters knew nothing about the Harry decoys, which Mundungus suggested.

Who, then, tipped off Snape, and through him, Voldemort? Lupin scolds Harry for reacting too mildly and predictably during the attack, character traits his enemies previously exploited and that tragically contributed to Sirius Black 's death at the Ministry of Magic. Because Harry cast Expelliarmus, a simple disarming spell, rather than a stronger defensive one, during the graveyard duel , Death Eaters have identified it as his signature move. Thus, when Harry used it against Stan Shunpike during the pursuit, the pursuing Death Eaters immediately recognized him and summoned Voldemort. Harry's argument that he was protecting Shunpike, who he believed was only acting under the Imperius Curse , does little to sway Lupin's opinion, and it may indicate that Harry is still too young and inexperienced to be a full-fledged Order of the Phoenix member.

It is also uncertain if Harry is willing or able to change, having always found comfort and strength in familiarity. However, if Voldemort is to be defeated, it would seem that Harry must find new strategies. Harry also shows how alone and apart he feels by wanting to leave the safe house in a misguided effort to protect others, though his departure would do little to save anyone or alter the war's overall course. While it is not stressed in this chapter, it is perhaps a key point: Harry still seems convinced that Dumbledore's mission is his alone, despite Dumbledore earlier encouraging him to confer with Ron and Hermione, and also others, throughout the previous six years.

This is a natural reaction to Moody's death and George's injury; Harry felt initially, and still feels, that he never earned his fame, and likewise believes he hardly merits the efforts made in his protection, especially as those efforts are now clearly endangering his friends and allies. Harry has yet to realize that his presence does not significantly increase the danger to those he cares about; Voldemort will kill all opposing him, and the Order would be battling Voldemort even without Harry's presence.

Harry, however, is the "chosen one", and he has become a guiding light that helps unite and sustain hope to those fighting the Dark Lord. Harry's choosing to see Voldemort's thoughts dismays Hermione, as well she should be; it was through that channel that Voldemort implanted the false vision leading to Sirius' death in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. However, Voldemort found Harry's mind an extremely uncomfortable place to occupy; Harry's love for Sirius and others drove him out.

Dumbledore believed Voldemort closed that avenue in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince because he was unable to cope with Harry's memories and emotions. Harry believes if he remains aware that false images can be implanted, Voldemort will be unable to deceive him again, though Hermione and Ron are skeptical.

Unknown to Voldemort, Harry will occasionally glimpse the Dark Lord's thoughts, eventually at will, throughout the book, and these images will prove invaluable. Mad Eye Moody is presumably killed in the attack by Death Eaters, though Order of the Phoenix members never locate his body.

Harry will later recover Moody's magical eye from Dolores Umbridge 's office in the Ministry of Magic, but it is unknown if the Death Eaters actually found his corpse. This leaves open the faint possibility that Mad Eye may have survived the attack, leaving the eye where it could be found, and is now in hiding. Even Ron believes he may still be alive and has hidden himself somewhere, though Harry and Hermione are doubtful. Considering how paranoid Moody had become, it would hardly be surprising that he would conceal himself, even from friends and allies, and probably for long after the war ended.

Moody could, therefore, reappear in a future Harry Potter sequel if Rowling should write one. Mad Eye makes one final appearance in this novel, however; when Harry, Hermione, and Ron take refuge at Grimmauld Place , Moody's voice "greets" them as they enter—it is one of the jinxes that guards the former Order of the Phoenix headquarters from intruders.

Dumbledore's moldering image, another jinx, will also appear at Grimmauld Place. Rowling may be dropping subtle clues that the last has not been heard or seen from Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody or Albus Dumbledore. George's severed ear may actually foreshadow a more tragic event involving the Weasley family later in the book. It's like being a house-elf. Except without the job satisfaction. The sooner this wedding's over, the happier I'll be. Weasley and Lupin respect that the Trio are unable to discuss it. Weasley , unable to persuade the three to return to Hogwarts or reveal any information, constantly assigns them chores, nominally to help with the wedding preparations, but actually intended to keep them separated and hamper their preparing for the mission.

When Ginny says her mother is probably trying to delay their departure, Harry wonders aloud if Mrs. Weasley is hoping that someone else will bump off Voldemort. Ginny, pale-faced, asks if that is their mission, causing Harry to feebly claim he was only joking. The Order has been forced to abandon Grimmauld Place as their Headquarters, and many members now have their meals at the Burrow ; with Dumbledore's death, everyone privy to Grimmauld's hidden location and function has become a secret-keeper , able to reveal that the Black family home is their Headquarters.

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This includes Severus Snape , now deeply entrenched within the Death Eaters ' council. Moody left some protective charms against Snape at Grimmauld's entrance, but it is uncertain how effective they might be. Mad-Eye's body remains missing, while nothing has been reported in the media about the fusillade of magic used during the escape. The Ministry of Magic is apparently keeping people uninformed about Death Eaters growing more powerful, or that there was another mass Azkaban breakout.

During a short break from their chores, Hermione sorts which books to take on the mission while Harry again encourages her and Ron to remain behind. Both refuse, insisting they could have backed out six years earlier , and have had ample time to reconsider. Hermione has already modified her parents' memories and hidden them in Australia, and Ron shows Harry the family Ghoul in the attic that has been magically altered to resemble Ron with spattergroit.

Anyone investigating Ron's absence from Hogwarts will likely avoid getting too close to anyone with such a contagious and fatal disease. The Trio still lacks a plan, but Harry first wants to visit Godric's Hollow. Hermione vetoes this idea, warning it is likely under surveillance.

They should instead hunt for the real Locket Horcrux stolen by the mysterious R. Hermione has Summoned Dark Magic books from Dumbledore's study. One, Secrets of the Darkest Art , gives full instructions on making Horcruxes; Harry believes Tom Riddle read it, and says Dumbledore was certain he already knew how to create a Horcrux before asking Professor Slughorn about making multiple ones. Hermione explains that Horcruxes are extremely powerful, and only extraordinary magical means can kill them, such as the Basilisk fang that destroyed Riddle's Diary — Basilisk venom is among the few things that can destroy a Horcrux.

It is also unlikely that Voldemort can reunite his shredded soul on his own; that requires having deep remorse, something Voldemort is unlikely to feel, and it causes excruciating pain. Wondering how Dumbledore destroyed the Ring Horcrux, Harry rues how little time there was to ask Dumbledore questions. Weasley suddenly bursts in and assigns Harry, Hermione, and Ron separate chores. Delacour arrive the next day. Delacour is charming, Mrs. Delacour is a domestic genius.

Everything falls into place around them, everything is wonderful, everything is lovely. As Harry's birthday approaches, Mrs. Weasley asks what he would like. Concerned that the wedding preparations are already complicated by hiding his presence, Harry tells Mrs. Weasley there is little that he needs, and does not want a big fuss.

Harry's last-ditch effort to persuade Ron and Hermione to remain behind shows concern for their safety as well as a serious character flaw: his constant need to face adversity alone. In fact, much of Harry's strength and success results from his friends' support, abilities, and loyalty, though he never fully recognizes this; his mission to hunt and destroy Voldemort's Horcruxes will likely fail without their continued help. Harry's isolation during early childhood has limited his perspective somewhat, causing him to approach many difficulties by himself. Unwanted fame, peer resentment, and exploitation by adults have also adversely affected him.

Although Harry is a pivotal element in the fight against Voldemort, he has yet to fully realize that many other Wizarding families have suffered severely, and will continue to suffer, under the Dark Lord's reign of terror—this is not Harry's battle alone, and Ron and Hermione steadfastly refuse to abandon him. Hermione appears to be considering everything they will need for Harry's expected mission, and she and Ron have already acted to protect their respective families: Hermione has modified her parents' memories so that they believe they had no children and have always wanted to move to Australia, while Ron has given the ghoul in the attic his old pajamas, and magically made him up to look more or less like himself with Spattergroit.

The plan is to put the ghoul into Ron's bed if Ron has to escape; as Spattergroit is very contagious, and apparently incurable, Ron and his father believe any raiding Death Eaters won't look too closely. Weasley's character also comes into closer focus here as she fails miserably to prevent the Trio from embarking on their mission. As seen in Order of the Phoenix , her Boggart is revolving images of her loved ones' corpses. Despite all her efforts, she likely knows nothing will deter the Trio's departure, and is frustrated she no longer has any real parental control over Ron, though that hardly stops her attempts.

However, these maternal concerns are not only for Ron, Harry, and Hermione, but her entire family. Having already lost siblings to Voldemort, she knows that her husband and children will be in mortal peril if Voldemort discovers Ron is helping Harry. Weasley's love for her family far outweighs any loyalty to the Order of the Phoenix, and, like most mothers, she has difficulty accepting what her son must do, and likely believes that Dumbledore's task is a far too difficult and dangerous burden for such young, inexperienced wizards.

Her actions reflect her personal feelings, which are apparently shared by most of the other adults. They, however, seem to realize that attempts to stop Harry or the other two is futile, nor is there anything they can do; Mr. Weasley in particular has, perhaps resignedly, assisted Ron in preparing for the mission. Hermione's claims that it was easy to Summon the Dark Arts books from Dumbledore's study, almost as if she was intended to retrieve them, is probably more accurate than she realizes. Dumbledore may have left these particular books unsecured so she could obtain them.

Until now, with one exception, the Summoning charm has proven unblockable; one would think that if Dolores Umbridge , for instance, had wanted to secure Fred and George 's confiscated brooms , she would have taken stronger measures to protect them from the Summoning charm than simple chains and bolts. She may actually have done so, but underestimated the Twins' ingenuity and talent in developing new magic to overcome common spells, or she may simply have had an exaggerated confidence in her own apparently average magical skills. On the other hand, Harry found that the Summoning charm was blocked when he attempted to summon the fake Horcrux inside the sea cave in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Voldemort's Dark Magic probably created a physical barrier to the spell, possibly via one of the inferi. We do not really know yet whether the Summoning charm can be blocked without some physical intervention; however, Hermione evidently thinks it can be. However, later interviews with the author tend to confirm Harry's statement. Following this book's publication, the author stated that the first Horcrux was created with Tom Riddle Sr. This Horcrux was locked into the Peverell Ring, seen on Riddle's hand when he discusses making multiple Horcruxes with Professor Slughorn.

As the Riddles died on the same night that Voldemort stole the Peverell Ring from his uncle, Morfin , the Ring must already have been a Horcrux when that conversation occurred. We must assume that, as events raced onwards, the author simply forgot to have Dumbledore mention this fact in our hearing. Weasley at St. Mungo's , a portrait on the wall diagnoses Ron with Spattergroit; the Wizard in that portrait was suggesting cures that seemed worse than the disease.

Ron denies that he is suffering from Spattergroit, saying it is just freckles. This may partially have inspired the Ghoul's disguise. Over the next few chapters, more is learned about Spattergroit, an incurable magical fungus infestation. Starting with pustules on the skin, it proceeds to spread through the throat; once it reaches the uvula, the victim is unable to talk. It is extremely contagious, and eventually fatal. There are several incidents throughout the story where someone casts the Summoning charm unsuccessfully.

In some cases, the summoned item was either not present or the person casting the charm lacked a proper wand; however, in some instances, such as with Ravenclaw's Diadem, Gryffindor's Sword, and Harry's Invisibility Cloak, the object was present but simply failed to respond. However, unlike ordinary, everyday objects, these are powerful magical artifacts that may be impervious to Summoning charms. When Hermione fails to Summon the Locket Horcrux while at Grimmauld Place a little later , she suggests it is possible that it is magically prevented from responding, a fact that reminds Harry of how the fake Locket Horcrux in the sea cave was similarly protected.

However, in Hermione's case, the Locket was simply no longer in the house when she attempts this, so it is unknown if it would have responded, though probably not. If it is that common to protect objects from a Summoning charm, it might be surmised that when Hermione so easily retrieved the Dark Arts books from the Headmaster's office, it may be that Dumbledore intended for her to have them. According to Hermione, only a powerful magical object like the Basilisk fang that Harry used to stab Tom Riddle's Diary can destroy a Horcrux.

While the Trio will desperately search for another equally powerful, but as yet unknown, object that can also do the job, considering that they are intensely discussing this among themselves, it seems rather odd that no one, particularly Hermione, thinks to bring Basilisk fangs on their mission. There is still ample time and opportunity to retrieve these from the Chamber of Secrets beneath Hogwarts castle. Although Hogwarts will fall under Voldemort's control later in the book, it is currently headed by Professor McGonagall , the acting Headmistress, and therefore still possible for the Trio to secretly enter, though Death Eaters are likely watching it and for Harry.

And while a return to Hogwarts may be somewhat risky, it is certainly far less dangerous and complicated than when, several chapters ahead, the Trio invades the Ministry of Magic , and, later, their breaking into Gringotts Bank , to retrieve Horcruxes. When the Trio does return to Hogwarts near the book's conclusion, it is Ron who remembers the Basilisk fangs and fetches some from the Chamber to destroy a Horcrux. I always said he was mental. Brilliant and everything, but cracked. Leaving Harry an old Snitch What was that about?

Harry is awakened by Ron Weasley after Harry witnessed, as if dreaming, Voldemort 's search for Gregorovitch, an unknown but slightly familiar name.


Today is Harry's seventeenth birthday, the legal age to perform unmonitored magic. Excitedly, he successfully casts some spells to test whether the Ministry 's "Trace" still monitors him. At breakfast, he receives many presents from friends and mentors. The Weasleys give him a gold watch, a wizard's traditional seventeenth birthday gift. Weasley explains that it belonged to her late brother, Fabian Prewett. Harry gives her a grateful and understanding hug. Later, Ginny Weasley ushers Harry into her bedroom. Rather than a present, she wants to give Harry something to remember her by, in case he meets someone else, though Harry says dating opportunities will be slim; she kisses him and he begins kissing her back, but they are abruptly interrupted by Ron.

He and Ron leave the room as Ginny turns away, apparently crying. Upset, Ron warns Harry not to give Ginny any false hope about renewing their romance. Harry, realizing Ginny's future is unencumbered whereas his is blocked by Voldemort , promises it will never happen again. At the birthday party, newlyweds Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks congratulate Harry, though Lupin appears rather sad while Tonks looks radiantly happy. Halfway through the festivities, Arthur Weasley's Patronus arrives announcing that Minister for Magic Rufus Scrimgeour is accompanying him to the Burrow.

Lupin and Tonks leave abruptly upon hearing this, puzzling many. Scrimgeour arrives and speaks privately to Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Albus Dumbledore 's will bequeaths them several items.

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Hermione wryly comments that the Ministry probably took the maximum time allowed to thoroughly examine Dumbledore's estate so they could test objects for any Dark Magic. Ron receives a Deluminator , a magical device that captures and releases light. Queried by Scrimgeour as to why Dumbledore would leave him such a rare instrument, Ron responds he never thought Dumbledore was particularly fond of him; Hermione, to counter Scrimgeour's suspicions, disputes this, claiming Ron is being too modest.

She receives a book, The Tales of Beedle The Bard , which seems to be an early edition written in runes. She is unable to answer why Dumbledore left her this. Harry inherits the Quidditch Snitch he caught during his first-ever Quidditch match at Hogwarts. Hermione mentions the Snitch's "flesh memory"; it remembers the first player that touches it during a game, a property used to resolve any disputes. Nothing happens when Harry touches it, to Scrimgeour's apparent disappointment: possibly expecting it to reveal something hidden inside.

There is a second bequest for Harry: the sword of Godric Gryffindor. However, Scrimgeour claims the sword is a "vital historical artifact," and the Ministry is unwilling to relinquish it to Harry. A heated argument erupts between Harry and Scrimgeour, alarming Mr. Scrimgeour, offended, abruptly leaves. Later that evening, Harry remembers catching the Snitch in his mouth.

Pressing it to his lips, a cryptic inscription in Dumbledore's handwriting appears on it: "I open at the close. Raised by Muggles, they have never heard of "Babbitty Rabbitty and her Cackling Stump", the very mention of which makes Hermione giggle. Unable to determine what their bequests mean, the Trio heads off to bed. While Voldemort's dark cloud increasingly threatens the Wizarding world, Harry's birthday party offers a happy, if momentary, respite, as well as some insight into several characters. Lupin and Tonks' differing emotional expressions at the gathering seems a bit odd and could be interpreted several ways, but Tonks' radiant happiness suggests she may be pregnant.

That this comes at a very difficult and dangerous time is likely deeply distressing to Lupin, who already had troubling doubts about his suitability as a husband. He may be harboring similar fears regarding fatherhood and is worried that he and Tonks will not survive the war, leaving their only child an orphan. The Weasleys' birthday gift to Harry is far more than a traditional token commemorating a wizard's entry into adulthood. Giving Harry her deceased brother's watch shows that Mrs. Weasley loves Harry like a son; Harry understands its significance and is deeply grateful, and he considers the Weasleys as his family.

It weighs on Harry that Ron's being on the mission is putting the entire Weasley family at greater risk from Voldemort, should he find out that Ron is helping Harry. Ginny, meanwhile, is still in love with Harry, but she has nearly abandoned hope that they will ever be together. Ron's concern for his sister's emotional well-being indicates an emerging maturity and shows that he is thinking about others, not just himself, though he still has some ways to go before fully reaching adulthood. Ron is also learning about romantic relationships, having read a book the Twins gave him on girls and dating.

He has been applying its advice to Hermione, who seems to respond favorably. Ron, who had repeatedly remarked that he needed lessons about girls, is impressed enough with the results that he gives Harry a copy for his birthday, though he asks Harry to avoid showing it to Hermione. Other than the Sword of Gryffindor, these are fairly innocuous objects, but having once belonged to an extraordinary wizard makes them exceptional, at least to the Ministry of Magic. Clearly, the Ministry suspects there is some ulterior motive as to why Dumbledore left the Trio these particular items, which is why it took the Ministry so long to examine Dumbledore's estate.

The Ministry's suspicions are probably correct, but there is no way for us or the Ministry to know yet what those motives might be. It is doubtful that the Sword of Gryffindor belonged to Dumbledore, but he obviously wanted to bring it to Harry's attention, though for what purpose is yet unknown. He may be hinting that the Sword must somehow come into Harry's possession. It seems odd that Dumbledore bequeathed Harry so little considering their close relationship; it is unknown just what his entire estate entailed or what, if anything, was left to Albus' brother, Aberforth.

The Ministry is also suspicious as to why Dumbledore would leave Ron and Hermione anything, suspecting his connection to either was minimal. However, Dumbledore obviously left the Trio these specific objects for a reason, and additional bequests to Harry would have overridden those items' particular significance. The Trio realizes that Dumbledore is communicating to them posthumously, but they are unable to decipher his enigmatic message. By speaking to Harry from beyond the grave this way, Dumbledore shows that death is not always a finite ending.

Those who have died can continue to affect the living in many ways—through memories, possessions they owned, their personal legacy, and so on. However, in the Wizarding world, the dead often play a more substantial, cognitive, and interactive role, as we have seen not only by the Hogwarts' Ghosts, but in other ways, such as through the living portraits, spirit echoes, vivid memories in a Pensieve or a diary, etc. It is understandable why Harry continually hopes magic can reunite him with his dead parents. Dumbledore has obviously left a cryptic trail for Harry to follow, though Harry has no idea where that trail begins or where it will eventually lead.

The Golden Snitch from Harry's first Quidditch game having been caught in an unusual way seems to play a significant part in this chapter, seven books later. One must wonder whether the plot arc for the series was developed with this level of detail before pen was ever set on paper, or whether the Snitch's availability and its unconventional means of initial contact with Harry was fortuitous.

Harry testing to see if the Ministry of Magic's Trace for underage magic has expired may be inconclusive. The Trace does automatically disappear when a witch or wizard comes of age, but the Ministry is unable to detect underage magic in a Wizarding household where the adults are constantly casting spells.

In wizard homes, it is the parents' responsibility to monitor their children for improper use. Although the Trace on Harry does disappear on schedule, if Voldemort's followers within the Ministry had somehow kept it active, Harry would likely be unaware, and it could have revealed the Trio's location once they left the Burrow and began their mission. There may, however, be something else that can reveal their presence to Voldemort. It is perhaps useful to note that the author had perhaps deliberately written herself into something of a corner here.

She never intended to write anything else in the Potter universe, and so appears to have simply pulled the names of the Tales of Beedle the Bard out of thin air. Whether it was her purpose to make the Tales difficult to write or not will never be known, but she has stated that when she did choose to write the Tales as a separate book, she found it nearly impossible to create a story to fit the title, "Babbitty Rabbitty and her Cackling Stump. We will note one of the endemic timing issues in the series, that appears in this chapter. Apparently the Ministry has been holding on to Dumbledore's artifacts for 31 days, since the 30 th of June or the 1 st of July, it now being Harry's birthday.

This would seem to place Dumbledore's death at the end of June, and in the previous book it seems to have happened closer to the end of May or the middle of June. It is not our place to explain this, though we will mention that in North America a will has to go through probate before the chattels it describes can be distributed. It is possible that the author deliberately left a short time for the probate process between Dumbledore's passing and the reading of the will, and assumed that the Ministry's 31 day clock would start with the reading of the will after probate was complete.

We will note here that the Gregorovitch that Voldemort is searching for has previously appeared in the series. Who he is, and why Voldemort is looking for him, will not be entirely cleared up until late in this volume; we note him here, though, as this is the first mention of him in this book, and he does have a role to play.

Each object Dumbledore left the Trio proves vital to their mission to destroy Voldemort's Horcruxes. Initially, its only purpose seems to be to extinguish and later re-illuminate lights. However, it is later revealed that it also detects other peoples' conversations about its owner and guides the holder to their location.

After Ron deserts Harry and Hermione later in the book, the Deluminator will lead him back to them. Hermione's bequest is a well-known book of wizard fairy tales containing a story about the Deathly Hallows , which are three powerful magical objects; someone, probably Dumbledore, marked the fable, "The Tale of the Three Brothers," with the Deathly Hallows' symbol. One Hallow will prove vital to combating Voldemort, who is seeking it. Unknown to Harry just yet, another Hallow is hidden within the Snitch. Its inscription's meaning, "I open at the close," is revealed near the book's conclusion when Harry realizes that 'the close' means death.

Although it is never known if Dumbledore ever actually owned Gryffindor's Sword, his bequeathing it to Harry in his will is a vital clue that the Trio will need the sword to destroy Voldemort's Horcruxes. We already know that Basilisk venom will destroy a Horcrux; as the only known source is in the Chamber of Secrets deep under Hogwarts , it is not immediately certain how useful that information will be. We later discover that Gryffindor's Sword was used to destroy a Horcrux, and perhaps Dumbledore intends that the Sword be available to Harry to destroy the other Horcruxes.

In fact, two of the remaining four Horcruxes will be destroyed with it. A note on Tonks and Lupin is in order here, as some readers have voiced concern over their distinct appearances — Tonks happy, and Lupin glum. We learn later that their son, Teddy, was likely born in late March or early April Draco was home from Hogwarts when Harry was captured by the Snatchers, so it must have been Easter break; Lupin's appearing at Shell Cottage was soon after that. So Tonks would have "caught" nine months previous, in June or July. Not having an exact date for Teddy's birth, we equally lack a precise date for conception.

But based on this, we know that Tonks would only have just become pregnant, and possibly was not quite certain yet if she was when we see her at the party, though, judging by her happiness, she must at least have suspected she might be, and Lupin confirms it to the Trio a few days later. Lupin, though somewhat railroaded into the marriage, was never forced.

In addition to believing he is unworthy and too old to be Tonks' husband and have children with her, he simply feels that it is irresponsible to bring a child, especially a Werewolf's child, into the world when it is such an insecure future. One gathers he is uncertain if his son will be Lycanthrope; likely no Werewolf has ever married and had children with a human before, and it is unknown if the child will inherit his father's condition.

It is his uncertainty about the child's future that is eating at him. He may or may not know that Tonks is pregnant before she tells him; when she is, her scent will change, and if he had transformed since she caught, he will likely know it, perhaps even before she does. One thing is certain, though: reluctant as Lupin is, he would not have gotten Tonks pregnant until they were married.

Lupin is emotionally the most mature of the Marauders, and will have behaved himself. But it is that same maturity and responsibility that makes him unsure whether or not he has done the right thing by surrendering to Tonks' importuning and produced a child. Many guests arrive, including Luna Lovegood who annoyingly sees through Harry's Polyjuice Potion disguise and her father, Xenophilius , a few part- Veela cousins of the Delacours, the Weasleys' Auntie Muriel , and most famously, Viktor Krum. Viktor, of course, is delighted to see Hermione, which annoys Ron.

Hermione, flustered, drops her little beaded handbag, which falls with a suspiciously heavy "clunk". During the reception, Viktor asks the disguised Harry who Xenophilius is, because if he was not Fleur's guest, he would duel him immediately for wearing "that filthy symbol on his chest". Krum says the medallion, which has a circle with a slash within a triangle on it, represents Grindelwald , a Dark Wizard who terrorized Europe, killing many, including Krum's grandfather. Grindelwald was finally defeated many years before by Albus Dumbledore.

Many Durmstrang students once copied the sign, but Viktor despises it. Ollivander recognized Krum's wand as a " Gregorovitch creation". That is who Voldemort was seeking in Harry's dream. Harry concludes that Voldemort may be seeking a more powerful wand than Harry's, and Gregorovitch might be a more skillful wandmaker than Ollivander. Harry leaves Viktor after the latter makes admiring comments about Ginny Weasley , inciting Harry's jealousy. He then meets and reveals his identity to Elphias Doge , who wrote about Albus Dumbledore's life in the Daily Prophet obituary.

He is further enraged when Auntie Muriel interrupts, saying she supports Skeeter's claims and feels that Doge's obituary glossed over Dumbledore's murky past. Muriel's allegations are shocking: she claims that Albus' ailing sister Ariana was a Squib , a disgrace that their mother, Kendra, kept hidden by keeping Ariana locked in the cellar. Muriel speculates that Ariana murdered Kendra in an unsuccessful escape attempt, all while Albus was at Hogwarts achieving fame and gaining accolades. After Kendra's mysterious death, Albus was forced to head the family, but had done a darned poor job of it; shortly after, Ariana also died, possibly, Muriel implies, murdered by Albus.

Muriel also claims that, according to her friend, Bathilda Bagshot , who knew the Dumbledores well, Aberforth blamed Albus for Ariana's death and punched him during the funeral, breaking Albus' nose. Auntie Muriel denies that Ariana was ever sickly; she says her cousin was a Healer at St. Mungo's at the time, and Kendra never brought Ariana there. However, what most surprises Harry is that the Dumbledores lived in Godric's Hollow , Harry's former home, and where his parents are buried.

Meanwhile, Ron is dismayed by his hideous hand-me-down dress robes, which he will need to wear at Hogwarts for a formal occasion later in the year. The next morning, Harry overhears a conversation between Mr Weasley and Amos Diggory who is communicating through the Floo Network about an ex- Auror named Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody , who was attacked in his home the previous night. Amos needs Mr Weasley's help in clearing things up before the situation gets worse. Charlie informs Harry that an Auror is basically an evil wizard catcher.

After Mr Weasley leaves, Percy, who needs to get back to work, departs. This leaves the rest of the adults to take the children to King's Cross Station by muggle taxi. In the Hogwarts Express , after chatting about other wizarding schools across Europe and the Quidditch World Cup, Draco Malfoy also speaks about the mysterious upcoming event, that Mrs Weasley, Charlie and Bill were talking about earlier and says that there's glory and money involved.

Here they meet Colin Creevey , who reveals his younger brother Dennis is one of the new students. During the ceremony, Dennis is placed in Gryffindor. The Start-of-Term Feast then begins. After Nearly Headless Nick brings up the subject of Peeves causing problems in the kitchen, Hermione learns that house-elves work there. This makes her even more angry about the way house-elves are treated, especially since house-elves do not get any benefits which the house-elves themselves do not want.

She then refuses to eat any more food in protest. After making a few start-of-term notices, Professor Dumbledore announces that instead of having Quidditch this year which created lots of mayhem, especially from the Weasley twins , a very special event is going to take place at Hogwarts. Before he goes on, a mysterious man with a bizarre appearance appears in the Great Hall. The Tournament calls for a single champion from each of the three largest wizarding schools in Europe to compete in a series of three trials for the prize of one thousand Galleons.

Though it wasn't in play in the past due to the vast number of student deaths, Dumbledore reveals that both Crouch Department of International Co-operation and Bagman's Department of Games and Sports departments at the British Ministry of Magic have decided to reinstate the tournament under the condition that new safety rules are used, including that no student under the age of seventeen will submit their name for consideration. The students are then sent to bed, though Fred and George plot to find a way to bypass Dumbledore's safety measures so they can enter the tournament, to get fame and glory, as well as money.

On the morning of their first day back, Harry, Ron, and Hermione prepare to begin the classes in their school schedule, though Harry is concerned about why Hedwig had not returned with a reply from Sirius. Hermione has also ended her hunger strike, deciding to stand up for house-elf rights in a different manner. At dinner, Draco Malfoy insults Ron by showing Ron a Daily Prophet article that casts Ron's father Arthur Weasley identified in the article as Arnold Weasley in a bad light by Rita Skeeter, who somehow found out about the attack on Alastor Moody's home, even after the Ministry of Magic tried to keep it secret.

After Harry counters this by making a rude comment about Draco's mother and starts walking away, an angry Draco attempts to curse Harry from behind. After seeing what he's doing and putting two and two together, McGonagall undoes the spell. She then proceeds to tell Moody off by stating they never punish the students by hexing them. Moody defends his actions by explaining he thought a good sharp shock would be sufficient. Professor McGonagall tells him they punish the students by giving them detentions or speaking with the offender's Head of House.

After Hermione leaves to do some extracurricular work even with no homework given out to her , Fred, George, and their friend Lee Jordan show up and tell Harry and Ron how cool Moody's Defence Against the Dark Arts class is.


Ron finds out it will be a few days before Ron and Harry will have their first lesson with Moody. In their first lesson with Moody on Thursday, Moody, after revealing he will only be staying for the year, decides to show the fourth-year Gryffindors the Unforgivable Curses. Despite some fear amongst the students especially Neville, who needs comfort from both the trio and Moody after the lesson; Moody later lends Neville a Herbology book to cheer him up , Moody shows the entire class the three curses using spiders as his test subjects: The Imperius Curse, a mind control spell, The Cruciatus Curse, a pain inflicting spell, and The Killing Curse, a spell that causes instant death to any living thing it hits.

He also reveals the the use of these spells gain the user a one way ticket to Azkaban. Later that night after dinner in their Common Room, Harry and Ron fake their Divination homework after finding it too difficult. Harry notices Fred and George plotting something, though he is unable to figure out what. Later on, Hermione shows up and reveals that she has started SPEW , a club for fighting for house-elf rights and has just spent time in the library researching house-elf history.

She wants Harry and Ron to join, but before the conversation is carried out further, Hedwig returns with a letter from Sirius. Sirius says there are rumours about Harry's scar hurting and he is returning to Britain. Harry feels worried about Sirius coming back and possibly getting caught by the Ministry, all because he hastily sent the letter.

He goes to bed unsettled. Early the next day, a concerned Harry sends a letter to Sirius claiming he is fine and that Sirius won't have to return to Britain. Over the next couple of weeks, Harry fights off his concerns for Sirius while waiting for Hedwig to get back. Only Harry is able to resist it, despite slightly bruising his knees in the process; it takes him a couple more tries before he can completely resist it. During Transfiguration, Professor McGonagall explains to her fourth-year students, as she assigns them extra homework, that this is the time for them to start preparing for the O.

Following Care of Magical Creatures, the group returns to the castle and sees a crowd of students looking at a sign posted to the wall. The lesson cut off, for Gryffindors was Potions, and the Trio felt lucky, especially when Snape hinted of a poisoning, to find out if their antidotes work or not. Over the next week, Hogwarts Castle undergoes a major refit: the castle is redecorated and the nervous staff members prepare for the delegates to arrive. The trio talk with the twins about the Triwizard Tournament, and Hermione brings up house-elves.

Fred and George suggest she should visit the Hogwarts Kitchen just to see for herself how happy they are, despite Hermione's insistence that they are being brainwashed. The owls then arrive, including Hedwig. Sirius mentions that he has seen through Harry's ruse and asks Harry not to worry about him, but rather to watch out for himself and keep him posted on the recent events at Hogwarts. Sirius also asks that Harry use a different owl next time when sending him a message, as Hedwig, a snowy owl, would attract too much attention.

That night, each of the houses are assembled in a line in the Great Hall while waiting for the delegates to arrive. Viktor Krum is revealed to be among the Durmstrang students, which makes Ron , a little excited. The students sit down at their tables with the Beauxbatons students at the Ravenclaw table and Durmstrang at Slytherin , and the Welcoming Feast begins.

After the feast, Dumbledore announces that Crouch and Bagman, who helped organise the tournament, will also serve as judges alongside the three headmasters to evaluate the Champions' performances. Dumbledore then announces that the three champions will be chosen by the Goblet of Fire , an enchanted artefact. Students must drop their names into the Goblet, and the Goblet chooses the most worthy entrants to compete in three dangerous tasks. Dumbledore finishes by stating the champions will be selected the following night during Hallowe'en. On the way out, the Durmstrang headmaster Karkaroff gives Harry a look of displeasure before Moody forces him to move along.

The Goblet is placed in the Great Hall and an Age Line is drawn around the Goblet to prevent underage students from submitting their names. The next day, predictably, Fred and George attempt to cross the line through the use of an Ageing Potion , but they are repelled by the line. He refuses Hermione's offer to join S. Unexpectedly, a fourth name is thrown from the Goblet of Fire: Harry Potter , much to the dismay of some.

Since Harry neither submitted his name nor asked an older student to do so, the assembly is dumbfounded. Harry himself is feeling very confused as he heads into the room where the champions are waiting. Although protests issue from the heads of the other schools, it is decided that the Goblet of Fire has spoken and that changes must be made accordingly. While many think Harry has somehow circumvented Dumbledore's age-restricting barrier, Moody suggests that perhaps someone entered Harry's name under a fourth school to ensure he would be included in the competition, hoping he might not survive the perilous tasks.

Crouch reveals that the First Task is on 24 November and the champions have until then to figure out what it is and to prepare for it. The champions are forbidden to receive any help from anyone else. They are told that they will learn the details of the Second Task after completing the First Task. They will also be exempt from the end of year exams due to the tournament.

The group disbands and Cedric talks with Harry briefly as they are heading back to their respective dormitories, Harry tries to tell him that he did not put his name nor ask for it, but his efforts are wasted. At the Gryffindor Common Room, most of the other Gryffindor students throw a party to celebrate, despite Harry's displeasure. Afterwards he returns to his dormitory, where Ron refuses to believe Harry's story about not entering the tournament. Hermione explains to Harry the next morning that his entry into the competition strained his relationship with Ron, who feels once again left in the shadow of his friend.

Harry reluctantly accepts Hermione's advice to send a letter to Sirius to update him on what happened. He send a letter with a school barn owl, much to Hedwig's chagrin. Ron is not alone in shunning Harry; a great many of the students from all three schools assume he somehow cheated his way into the tournament. This makes Harry's life miserable, even though his fellow Gryffindors excluding Ron are proud that Harry will be in the tournament. The stress makes it difficult for Harry to concentrate on his lessons over the next week. In Potions, the Slytherin students wear insulting badges that cause an angry Harry to attempt to curse Malfoy.


Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Susan Jane McLeod has been writing since she was seven years old. At age eleven, she won a countywide essay contest. Fire and Shadow book. Read 19 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When the dead need to speak, she must listen Artist and Egyptolog.

Goyle and Hermione end up cursed instead, and both head to the hospital wing. Though Harry and Ron reconnect when Snape takes 50 points away from Gryffindor and gives them detention, Ron refuses to reconcile with Harry. Harry tells her he doesn't know how he entered the tournament, but she manages to twist his words before Dumbledore interrupts, stating the ceremony is about to begin. After examining the other champion's wands, he examines Harry's and deems it in perfect condition. After the champions and judges go through a long photoshoot, Harry goes to dinner and then returns to Gryffindor Tower.

Ron tells Harry that he has an owl and that their detention starts later. Going to where the school barn owl is with Sirius's letter, Harry reads that Sirius thinks it is too risky to communicate by letter and that he will contact Harry on 22 November at a. Harry must be alone at the fireplace in the Gryffindor common room at that time. Harry's impending talk with Sirius helps him through his embarrassment about Rita Skeeter's news article, which told a highly inaccurate version of his life story.

This further deepens the rift with Ron, who thinks Harry is trying to get attention. Ravenclaw Cho Chang is the only person outside of Gryffindor who wishes Harry good luck with the first task that is coming up on that Tuesday. Harry finds himself infatuated with her. On the Saturday prior to the first task, the students visit Hogsmeade village. Harry goes with Hermione under his Invisibility Cloak so he can relax and avoid dealing with anymore criticism. Hagrid asks Harry to meet him at midnight, one hour before his meeting with Sirius.

The Gamekeeper sneaks Harry into a meeting with Maxime; she does not know Harry is there. Charlie Weasley and other dragon keepers are working to get the dragons ready for the First Task and keep them under control. Charlie talks with Hagrid and identifies the species of each of the four dragon breeds. He reveals that one is for each champion and that each must get past their assigned beast, though he and the other keepers are also there to keep things under control. Harry leaves for the castle, bumping into Karkaroff but managing to keep hidden. He realises that if Karkaroff followed Hagrid and Maxine, it was likely that Cedric will be the only champion not aware of what he would be facing.

Harry starts by filling him in on what has happened. Sirius then mentions Rita Skeeter's article from last month regarding the attack on Moody; he suspects it was no accident and that someone may have tried to keep Moody from going to Hogwarts. Sirius reveals he knew Jorkins personally while they were in school and mentions that she wasn't very bright and could have easily fallen into a trap. She also would have known about the Triwizard Tournament beforehand. Sirius finishes by stating that Karkaroff betrayed the Death Eaters long ago and might not be the guilty party, especially since whoever put Harry's name in the Goblet had a reason for doing so.

Before he can give Harry any advice on getting past his dragon, he is interrupted by Ron and disappears from the fire. Ron demands to know who he was talking to but Harry tells him it's none of his business and goes to bed. After Harry tells Hermione everything he learned recently, they try to research ways to get past a dragon in the library without success.

On Monday, realising the other schools' champions know about the dragons, Harry tips off Cedric to make sure the contest is fair. Moody then appears and gives Harry some general advice on how to beat his Dragon: play to his strengths and use a simple spell to get what he needs. With Hermione's help, Harry manages to master the Summoning Charm after working on it until 2 a.

On Tuesday, the day of the task, Mr Bagman reveals that their task is to get the Golden egg each dragon is guarding.

Soul and Shadow (Lily Evans Mystery #1) by Susan J. McLeod

The model dragons each champion would draw out of a small bag would determine the order they'll be going in and which dragon they'll face. Harry finds himself slated to go last. He gets the most violent of the four dragons, the Hungarian Horntail , though he declines Mr Bagman's offer for advice. Once his turn comes up, Harry manages to summon his Firebolt and fly.

Fire and Shadow: A Lily Evans Mystery - Book 2

He uses the flying strategies he learned as a Quidditch player to lure the dragon off the eggs long enough for him to zoom in and snatch the golden egg, despite taking a minor shoulder injury during the task. Ron, realising the true danger of the Tournament, and realising that Harry was telling the truth about not putting his name in the Goblet of Fire, tries to apologise to Harry feeling terrible about how he treated him. Harry forgives him and they become best friends again, with most of Hogwarts excluding Slytherin backing him as well. After seeing his score, Harry learns from Charlie Weasley that he is currently tied with Viktor Krum for first place and that Mr Bagman needs to see him.

Mr Bagman reveals to the champions that the Second Task will take place on 24 February at am and that their Golden Eggs contain a clue as to what it will be. On his way back to the castle with Ron, Rita Skeeter shows up for an interview, but Harry brushes her off.

After Ron is brought up to speed on what Harry has learned, he allows Harry to borrow Pigwidgeon to send Sirius a new letter updating him on the completion of the first task. Gryffindor celebrates Harry's success that night, but when Harry opens up his golden egg during the party, a horrible screech comes out.

Meanwhile, Hermione learns from Fred Weasley how to get into the kitchen where the house-elves are. That night, Hermione does not show up to dinner. There they see a lot of domestic elves, and Harry is reunited with Dobby and learns that Winky is there too. Dobby reveals that it is difficult for a free house-elf to find actual work. After he spent two years failing to find work and found Winky, Dobby came to Hogwarts and had been there for a week so far; Dumbledore even agreed to pay Dobby a small wage.

Winky is very sad and ashamed about being fired by her old master. Hermione tries to cheer her up, with no luck, though Winky does become slightly happier when she learns that Mr Crouch has been at Hogwarts. They gather in a spare classroom to practise for the ball and Ron is forced to practise dancing with McGonagall.

She tells Harry privately that he and his dance partner will start off the event alongside the other champions and their dates as a traditional part of the Triwizard Tournament. Over the next few weeks, both Ron and Harry unsuccessfully attempt to find dates as they get through the final classes of the term. Fred and George are also acting suspiciously again; they want to borrow Pigwidgeon to deliver a letter to someone, but Pigwidgeon is not back yet from delivering Sirius' letter.

Harry later works up his courage and asks Cho to go to the dance with him, but learns that she had already agreed to go with Cedric. This information sours Harry's relationship with Cedric. After Harry returns to the Gryffindor common room, he sees Ginny comforting Ron and learns that Ron foolishly tried to ask Fleur out. Ron then tactlessly asks Hermione out, but she is going with someone else. Harry can't ask Ginny out either, since she is going with Neville.

Finally, Harry manages to secure dates for both himself and Ron. As the holidays begin, Hermione refuses to tell Ron who her date for the Yule Ball is, stating he'll make fun of her. Draco Malfoy tries to taunt Hermione, saying no one in their right mind would take her to the ball, but the mere mention of Mad-Eye Moody is enough to drive him back. Pigwidgeon returns with Sirius' reply. Sirius congratulates Harry for completing the first task and reminds him to stay on guard.

On Christmas Day , Dobby wakes Harry up and gives Harry his present: a pair of mismatched socks he made himself from wool he purchased with his wages. Harry then opens the presents he got from his other friends for Christmas, which include a hand-knit sweater with the image of a dragon from Mrs Weasley and a magical penknife from Sirius. After spending the day relaxing, Harry and his dorm mates get ready for the ball, then head to the Great Hall , where the event is to take place.

At the start of the ball, it is revealed that Hermione is going with none other than Viktor Krum. When the champions reach the judges table, Crouch is nowhere to be seen. Percy Weasley , who was promoted to Crouch's assistant, says Crouch is ill. Neither Harry nor Ron have any interest in dancing though Harry does participate in the opening dance and their dates, the Patil sisters , soon abandon them, Ron also gets into an embarrassing argument with Hermione; he claims that Viktor Krum is the enemy and that going to the ball with him is treason.

Harry and Ron then decide to go for a walk on the grounds to get away from the ruckus. They encounter Karkaroff having a worried discussion with Snape, and Hagrid and Maxime enjoying a tender moment. The moment is ruined when Hagrid insinuates Maxime is a Half-giant , like him.

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Harry reads Dumbledore 's obituary in the Daily Prophet. Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody says that they are flying out on broomsticks, Thestrals , and a flying motorbike; six members will be disguised as Harry Potter with Polyjuice Potion to trick any nearby Death Eaters. Interestingly, while Voldemort believed the number seven had magical importance tied to it, this probably was not a calculated factor in the Order's plan. I loved all of the characters, especially Lily's cat Cleocatra! Rowling may be dropping subtle clues that the last has not been heard or seen from Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody or Albus Dumbledore. From that moment she starts having visions of life in Egypt. Death Eater Anthony Allgood

Ron naturally has to inform Harry about how serious this information is, given the nasty reputation giants have in the wizarding world. Shortly after the ball, Cedric gives Harry a hint about the egg: take a bath with it. Ron and Hermione decide to put last night's argument behind them. Hermione isn't too surprised when she learns that Hagrid is a half-giant, as she suspected this all along.

Meanwhile, Harry is reluctant to take Cedric's advice due to his jealousy about Cho. Draco Malfoy shows Harry that Rita Skeeter had published a nasty story about Hagrid and his giant heritage which also used a quote from Draco ; this has apparently driven Hagrid into hiding. This raises some questions between the trio, as nobody else heard Hagrid talking privately with Madam Maxime that night and Rita is supposed to be banned from Hogwarts. During a private conversation with Mr Bagman, Harry learns that Barty Crouch has stopped coming to work and is sending Percy instructions by owl.

Also, after a search, they still haven't found Bertha Jorkins. Bagman then again offers his help for the tournament, which Harry immediately declines. Fred and George's sudden appearance forces Mr Bagman to leave. Hermione then questions why Mr Bagman is trying to help Harry cheat, along with why he was meeting with goblins. Rita Skeeter, who also encountered Bagman and the goblins, then shows up to investigate. Harry and Hermione start an argument with her about her article on Hagrid. The trio go to Hagrid's cabin and, along with Dumbledore, try to persuade him to return.

They point out that not everyone has abandoned Hagrid, and that everyone has secrets in their pasts. After Dumbledore leaves, Hagrid remembers his late father telling him never to be ashamed of what he is and gets over his depression. He gives his support to Harry in the Tournament, believing that if Harry wins, he could show everyone they do not have to be ashamed of what they are. This is enough to convince Harry to put aside his pride and take Cedric's advice. This time, Harry hears voices singing and can understand them when he puts his head underwater.

When he falls through a trick stair and traps his leg, he accidentally drops the egg and map, attracting the attention of Filch. Filch finds the egg, and Snape soon arrives and demands Filch's help in catching someone who broke into his office. Moody then shows up, angering Snape by suggesting Snape had something to hide in his office.

Snape points out that Moody searched his office after his arrival at Hogwarts. Moody then saves Harry from detection by claiming that the Marauder's Map is his own after an invisible Harry warns him not to give it to Snape. However, Snape suspects Harry's involvement because he recognises the Marauder's Map before Moody confiscates the egg from Filch and forces the pair away.

After Moody spends time looking over the Marauder's Map, Harry asks what Crouch was doing in Snape's office, and Moody suggests that Crouch was trying to find evidence of Snape being a dark wizard. Moody then asks to borrow the map, and after learning what Harry was up to that night, says that Harry might consider becoming an Auror for a career. Harry explains what happened the previous night to Ron and Hermione.

Harry also sends a school owl to Sirius to update him on what happened. Over the coming weeks, even with help from Hermione and Ron as well as the library's resources including getting McGonagall's permission for the Restricted Section , Harry struggles to think of a way to breathe underwater for an hour. Two days before the second task is to start, Sirius's response comes in. Sirius wants to know when their next trip to Hogsmeade is. On the last night before the task, the trio are continuing their research in the school library when Fred and George appear to inform them that Professor McGonagall has summoned Ron and Hermione.

Lily Evans love everything Egyptian. She works for the University doing research and other work. When the new Egyptian exhibit opens she is thrilled to attend. Lily is approached by an older woman who has asked for her help solving a mystery. At first Lily thinks the women is a little off her rocker, but when she finds out that she is Dame Ursula the women who uncovered the items in the exhibit, she is excited to hear what she has to say.

Kent is Ursala's grandson and Lily is very quickly drawn to him. This is an interesting story of past and present with a unique look into that past. It caught my attention and swept me along.

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I like the character of Lily and enjoyed going on her journey. I am going to keep an eye out for the second in the series and hopefully I can find it cheap. McLeod has done a terrific job of mixing these four genre into an exceptionally well-written story. Her book skillfully tells parallel love stories three centuries apart. McLeod has done impeccable research on the Egyptian history to bring about the interweaving of the love stories in modern day and early Egyptian customs.

Terrific writing, Ms. I'll be looking for your next book and expect to be fully entertained by it as I was by this one. We are not connected with the author, publisher, or Amazon in any way. Sep 20, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: , time-travel. Well done past-present psychic connection tale about an Egyptology archaeology graduate student who 'channels' the memory of an ancient Egyptian temple songstress through the resonance left behind on the songstress's artifacts, solving the mystery of why this ancient woman was indicated as being the wife of two separate men from tomb finds.

Mixing mystery with present day intrigue, as there is an attempt on the heroine's life, along with romance triangle involving her ex-fiance and the grandson Well done past-present psychic connection tale about an Egyptology archaeology graduate student who 'channels' the memory of an ancient Egyptian temple songstress through the resonance left behind on the songstress's artifacts, solving the mystery of why this ancient woman was indicated as being the wife of two separate men from tomb finds.

Mixing mystery with present day intrigue, as there is an attempt on the heroine's life, along with romance triangle involving her ex-fiance and the grandson of the original tomb-find archaeologist, there's a bit of "everything" in this book but it is all blended well. Look forward eagerly for the sequel. Aug 23, Becky S. If you enjoy paranormal or mystical stories as well as Egyption history you will love this book as well as the rest of the series.

I actually read the books out of order and it didn't diminish my enjoyment at all. The "Soul and the Shadow book 1 " was the last one that I read. Even though I knew about Lily's talents and of the other people in the story. It was still interesting to find out how certain things began and why other things were the way they were. McLeod has a very special t If you enjoy paranormal or mystical stories as well as Egyption history you will love this book as well as the rest of the series. McLeod has a very special talent in knowing how to tell a story and keep her audience captive. Jul 08, Rebecca rated it it was ok.

I read this book after reading the second book. Even taking into account I don't care for romance novels in of themselves, the storyline jumped all over the place and not enough time was spent in developing the plot. It was all about the romance and even that storyline didn't have a lot of depth. Shelves: indie-author. Soul and Shadow by Susan McLeod is a finely crafted story that combines the mysteries of ancient Egypt, a modern romance, and certain mystical occurrences that tie them together.

The writing is excellent and the characters are interesting and memorable. Reaching the last third of the book, I couldn't put it down as several key plot twists played out - some in unexpected ways. I look forward to Ms. McLeod's next book. This book seemingly follows the lives of tow different woman. One- Lily- an Egyptologist and the other Amisihathor- a long- dead Egyptian priestess. Lily's life takes a complicated turn when an archaeologist discovers the tomb of the priestess and Lily is called in to help.

Throw in a romance with the archaeologist's grandson, and her silly best friend and you have a book I literally could not put down. I have a bit of a history geek hiding inside me somewhere and Egypt is such a unique and fasc This book seemingly follows the lives of tow different woman. I have a bit of a history geek hiding inside me somewhere and Egypt is such a unique and fascinating time period. I are all of the Egyptian aspects of the novel up. The mixture of paranormal aspects- Lily's visions- mixed in made it that much more awesome.

I especially loved the mystery surrounding the man in the tomb with the priestess. That was a lot of fun trying to decipher. Lily herself was a pretty solid and fascinating characters. I enjoyed her interactions with her boss, best friend, and even her cat.

However, Kent was pretty adorable. At first, their romance or whatever it was, moved a little too fast, but it leveled out to a better pace that I greatly enjoyed exploring. And while I am not much of a fan of triangles, I enjoyed watching Lily try to scramble and deal with her growing feelings for Kent and her confusion over Stephen being back in town.

The book was a very fast and entertaining read. I loved the way the author intertwined the two centuries. There were some crazy twists that threw me for a loop, but I had to keep reading. It really was a very beautiful, well- developed story and I cannot wait to see what happens to Lily in the next book. There are so many questions that need to be answered!

Egyptian mystery I have been fascinated by ancient Egypt my whole life, so I was delighted when I came across Soul and Shadow. I found the story immediately engaging. I happily and eagerly kept turning the pages of this book.