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Gideon of Scotland Yard
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There is a certain triteness, yes, but there is also a great deal of simple, detailed truth. And it has a powerful cumulative effect.

Gideon's Day

John Creasey was was born in Southfields, Surrey, to a working-class family. He was the seventh of nine children of Ruth and Joseph Creasey, a poor coach maker. When he was ten, his schoolmaster assured him that he could be a professional writer. From to he worked in various clerical, factory, and sales jobs while trying to establish himself as a writer.

Three months later he completed a school novel, Our Glorious Term , with the same result.

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By , Creasey had received rejection slips, and then made his breakthrough in the field of commercial fiction. Creasey's first book came out in and the first crime novel, Seven Times Seven , published by Melrose, two years later. It was a story of a gang of crooks.

In , when he quit his job as a grocer's clerk and became a full-time writer, he married Margaret Elizabeth Cooke; they had one son. Under her name Creasey wrote 14 romantic novels, beginning with For Love's Sake In alone, twenty-nine of his books were published. Creasey's earliest series featured 'Department Z' in counterspionage stories, beginning with The Death Miser and Redhead The Department leader Gordon Craigie with his heroic agents guarded the nation's interests. The gentleman-adventurer the Hon.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. 'He [John Creasey] leads a field in which Agatha Christie is also a runner.' - Sunday Times. About the Author. Master crime fiction. One of the most senior officers within Scotland Yard. Start reading Gideons Day (Gideon of Scotland Yard Book 1) on your Kindle in under a minute.

When Leslie Charteris's Simon Templar alias The Saint worked alone, this aristocratic adventurer had a butler, but "cracsmen and worse hated it most when the Toff worked on his own. On those occasions he adopted measures to attain his ends which would certainly have not been approved by the majesty of the law, but they were undoubtedly effective.

The Toff series continued for four decades. Using the names Ken Ranger, William K. Most of his knowledge of America Creasey had acquired from books and films, but later he traveld in the west and made his home in Arizona.

Except westerns, Creasey usually set his stories in the vicinity of London. One of the exceptions was a short story about a Chinese boy who falls in love with a Japanese girl in Tibet. Novels written as Anthony Morton featured the reformed jewel thief John "The Baron" Mannering, who has become a London antique dealer, amateur sleuth, and a secret agent in the service of British Intelligence. Creasey once suggested that he could be shut up in a glass-box and compose there a whole book.

He once claimed to have written two books in a week and still spending hald a day playing cricket. He bought a forty-two room manor and a Rolls-Royce, traveled widely, often to the United States, but even after attaining success, he still continued writing six thousand words a day. Normally he wrote in longhand on specially ruled paper. Usually it took ten days before he had completed the first draft. Before sending the work to the publisher, it was revised several times.

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The Fallen. A biography of Navy flier-turned-screenwriter Frank W. Excellent work. But finally, just as they are all sitting down to supper, the phone rings one last time. Lesser-known authors benefited from negative reviews.

At one point of his career, Creasey employed an Inland Revenue official to read the manuscript with a critical eye and put his comments in the margin. The manuscript and the criticism went then to a second reader, a housewife, who was a part-time magazine editor. After these preliminaries Creasey finished the final version. Sayers: "This is a thriller with all its gorgeous absurdities full blown. Sayers by Catherine Kenney, , p. Creasey lived in in the village of Ashe in Hampshire, taking his pseudonym Gordon Ashe from the village.

Ashe's "career" spanned from The Speaker to the mids. The hero of the novels was Patrick Dawlish, patterned after the well-known character of Bulldog Drummond.

(Writing as JJ Marric)

After retirement Dawlish worked as a kind of unpaid private eye and eventually was appointed a Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Crime at Scotland Yard. Commander Gideon of London s Criminal Investigation Department, had thought he had seen it all in his time. That was until nine suburban h Another night, another shift for Commander George Gideon. Amidst the undertones of gang warfare, Gideon must deal with two psychop A gang is at work robbing any passenger they find travelling alone on the top deck of London's buses. One night they strike too ha Commissioner George Gideon is a busy man, especially when three of his colleagues require a touch of justice.

Chief Detective Superintendent Tom Riddel s seemingly watertight case against Sidney Stannet the head of a vice gang and protection racket h Scotland Yard's top detective, Commander Gideon, must stop the new flood of criminals from abroad--an Italian seeking control of the vice market, a sadistic American kidnapper, and an Australian psychopath with an appetite for sex spiced with murder Gideon's Risk The vicious Carter brothers--car thiev Hatherill is generally believed to have been Creasey's model for Gideon.

Throughout the series, Marric emphasizes the pressure experienced by police families due to the demands of police work, and the impact of distress in the family on the ability to work. Gideon is married to Kate, and has six surviving children.

Gideon's Day

Their relationship has been strained by the loss of a seventh child while Gideon was on the Flying Squad prior to the start of the series. The oldest children are self-supporting; the younger ones in school. As the series progresses, the children train for careers, move out, and marry. Family relationships are usually mentioned only briefly, to establish a time frame or as they relate to or affect Gideon's work. Penny, the Gideon's youngest daughter, is mentioned most frequently, in part because of her on-and-off relationship with an older police officer, Alec Hobbs. The film was released by Columbia Pictures and is only loosely based on the book of the same title.

Ford treats it as a comedy-melodrama, whereas the book is a more serious and straightforward procedural. The series was continued after Creasey's death by William Vivian Butler :. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.