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Have a motorcycle or side-by-side you want to take along? Road Warrior or Cyclone might be right for you. Need a camper for weekend trips? We have a variety of quality travel trailers from the luxurious North Trail to the retro Terry Classic. Heartland focuses on the next generation engineering. Our patented improved turning radius, universal docking centers and unmatched storage are testaments to our innovation. We are never content to rest on past achievements and continually search for creative solutions to customer desires and market challenges by developing better components for overall quality and safety.

Heartland has a simple philosophy, "If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right the first time". Our goal is to set the standard in quality. We have integrated comprehensive testing and quality control standards throughout the production process. Our new, state-of-the-art audit facility checks electrical, water, LP, axles, and many other points on our RVs before they are shipped to your local dealer. Heartland owners are a tight-knit community.

From the Heartland Owners Club to the MyHeartland forum to the Heartland Blog to owner-organized Facebook groups, there are numerous ways to connect with other Heartlanders for tips, get-togethers, and more. Don't take our word for it, see what our customers have to say about Heartland. So grateful and so humbled by it; less stuff, more family. I have never had a company stand behind their products like Heartland. We had a problem with RV; no questions asked and our repairs are being done. Their customer service is amazing They treated us right!

I've never had an RV dealer make us feel so good before. I would definitely send anyone to Heartland any day! I'm truly glad we did our 'homework' on the Heartland trailers: quality, value, and servicing before we purchased 'new'. Great Job Heartland; you guys Rock!!! Our travel trailer, fifth wheel and toy hauler collection has industry-leading features for everyone, and whether you want a simple travel trailer that will give you a dry place to sleep, or a palatial, 5-star home for your next camping trip, get started with a showing of one or more of our magnificent recreational vehicles RV.

You can contact us online, by phone, or in person. If you want the best is modern camping, give our Heartland travel trailers a look. The travel trailer, while also a catch-all description for our campers that we sell, is different from the fifth wheel in that it can be towed by an everyday vehicle. Many V6 engines are capable of pulling our travel trailers; if you drive a minivan or SUV, you should be fine.

Our travel trailers were also designed to be as easy to use as possible. Firstly, they have an industry-leading turning radius; squeezing into your camping spot has never been easier.

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A Canadian woman, an English man, and a terrier-mix named Rex; trade Suburbia for life on the road in a foot fifthwheel. My tenacious husband. In A Long, Long, Trailer, Too! (On RVing Time Book 1) (English Edition) eBook: S. A. Smith: Tienda Kindle.

They are also surprisingly spacious even without the wings expanded, and you will love the interior touches, like cabinetry, comfortable beds, and plenty of space to eat dinner. Get started with a showing of one of our award-winning Heartland Travel Trailers today. Now, the term describes the actual trailer itself. Our Heartland 5th wheel options are perfect for people who need to sleep five or more, as these trailers can approach 45 feet long.

They are also loaded with features that improve how livable they are, from chef-inspired kitchens with lots of counter space to offset beds that make the room more walkable than parallel ones.

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The Milestone line of RVs, from Heartland, features the latest in 5th wheel ingenuity; 30 degree friction hinge doors, anti-microbial counters in the kitchen, and superior ventilation are only part of what this tremendous travel trailer has to offer. The Elkridge, one of our most luxurious offerings, features Amish-made custom cabinets, stainless steel sinks, and hardwood accents throughout. If you want to be amazed by just how far our engineers will go to give you a luxurious travel experience, check out the Landmark by Heartland.

A Heartland Toy Hauler gives you more than the freedom to travel; it lets you travel anywhere and have a great time once you arrive. A Toy hauler is different from other travel trailers or 5th wheel trailers in that you will get a rear ramp door with a huge opening. Additionally, there is space in the back of the trailer where you can park your dirt bikes or 4 wheelers while on vacation.

Check out our toy hauler collection for features like fresh water storage, built in generators, and surprisingly wide walls and tall ceilings. Our toy haulers come in various lengths and weights, so let us know if you want help determining whether or not your vehicle can pull a trailer. Water hookup: a simple hose will attach to both the connection on the RV and the campground water output. Hook them up tightly, turn the water on, and then double check that there are no leaks at either end. Sewer hose: The sewer hose is a flexible plastic pipe that you will connect both to the RV and to the in-ground discharge tank.

Make sure both ends are secure before opening the valve to empty your sewer tank. A good tip would be to empty your sewer tank, and then discharge your gray water shower and sink water through the sewer hose, to help clean out the pipe. Wear gloves while doing this, just in case there are a few drips. Secure the wheels by placing wheel chocks behind the wheels, so the wheels are less likely to move for any reason. Do everything in reverse when you are leaving your campground and headed onto your next destination.

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So you have an RV, what should you be doing to keep everything running and in excellent condition? Clean your water tanks: this is important to do several times a year, just to make sure that the water you are drinking is safe. First of all, fill your water tank until it is almost full. Then turn the water heater off, and make sure you wait at least 30 minutes until the water cools completely. Opening one faucet at a time, run water through the faucet for minutes.

Top off the water tank again, and wait at least 3 hours before the next step. Completely drain the system by opening various faucets again. Fill the water tank completely, and empty the tank one more time. Fill the water tank: it should now be clean and the water is safe to drink. Protect the appliances and computers in your RV by purchasing a surge protector. Depending on where you are camping and plugging in your shore power, the campsite power could be a bit flaky, in which case intermittent surges in power are possible.

Protect your investment wisely! If you tend to accumulate things while travelling, once a year take your RV out and weigh it at a weigh station or U-Haul location. This is to ensure you do not exceed the gross vehicle weight rating GVWR. Be sure to maintain the brakes. They are something you tend to not think about, until they stop working. Trying to stop a large RV without brakes would be a disaster in the making. Be sure and use biodegradable toilet paper tp. This might seem like an obvious suggestion, but using typical house tp can lend the sewer plumbing to get clogged.

Canadian RV rental locations:

And that is not something you want to happen! Always check your tire pressure before you head out on a trip. Batteries for an RV tend to last years, so make a note of when you purchased them last, and replace them before they completely wear out which will always happen in the most inconvenient place and time. Once in a while check the water level on the batteries. If it is getting low, fill it back up, but only use distilled water.

Be cautious when doing this, as battery acid is caustic. If you have pop outs on your RV, be sure and lubricate the rails once or twice a year. If not, you will be listening to a very annoying squeaking sound every time you extend the pop out. Look online for various RV forums and start reading.

You might be surprised that someone else has had the same problem, or has a question that you can answer. Winterizing your RV can also fall under regular maintenance. If you plan on parking your RV during the winter, and leaving it for several months, there are quite a few things you should do before you leave it in storage or your driveway.

The oil and filter need to be replaced, and the generator should be run regularly, even when the RV is not in use. This will prevent gunk from building up in the carburetor.

Remove all canned food and other food from your RV. Canned food tends to freeze in cold weather, and all food will attract unwanted bugs or even vermin. Be sure and inspect your roof seals and seams. Do this every 6 months as well.

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It would be preferable to put a cover on the roof when the RV is not in use, as sun damage and subsequent water damage from a damaged roof can be incredibly costly. Take the batteries out of the RV and store them inside or someplace warm. This will help to extend the life of the battery.

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If leaving the RV unoccupied for a long period of time during the summer, leave the roof vents open to allow hot air to escape. With all the vents and windows closed, an RV is just a giant oven, with temperatures rising about deg. This tends to wreak havoc on door and window seals, and can damage flooring and various other parts of the RV. Just make sure to have the RV in a garage if you do leave the vents open, or you might have water damage instead of heat damage inside your RV. Being able to keep bugs and vermin from entering your RV at any time will also keep your home away from home in top shape.

Walk around the outside and inspect the walls and undercarriage. Look for any holes or gaps where mice could get inside. Plug any gaps you find with expanding foam. Check around the windows and screens. You might need to take the screen off to inspect the window. If there are gaps around the screen, use caulk or tape to fill in the space.

If you are having a problem with spiders, introduce citrus smells inside. Place ant bait houses in key areas: under the sink, in various storage compartments and closets, and in drawers or areas around any food. Ants can be very difficult to eradicate once they have infested your RV, so you want to stop the one or two ants you find from becoming thousands. Place cedar shavings or pieces in closets and drawers to repel moths. It will not only keep moths from eating your clothes, but they smell quite nice as well. Take bug repellent powder or spray , such as Generic Talstar Insecticide , and sprinkle around the outside power cable and around the RV: in any location where bugs might tend to find a way inside.

Make sure and store non-perishable food in plastic containers: many types of bugs and vermin can easily chew though cardboard or plastic bags. If you tend to go RVing quite often, there are quite a few tips you can use in your daily life to save money and be able to stay on the road longer, according to RoverPass. If you drive about 55 mph or less, you will have better gas mileage overall. There is no reason to be in such a hurry, you are on vacation: enjoy it! Avoid driving in high winds; it will really decrease your vehicles fuel mileage. If you have a gas company credit card or a rewards card for a specific gas station, try to only stop at those places to fill up.

You will save money on every gallon of fuel, or accumulate points that can be used for things in the future. It will all add up over time. Make sure and empty the water tank before heading out on the road. You may not think about it, but water weighs 8. A full tank will noticeably decrease your mileage. It saves money from using cable hookups, and you can still watch many of your favorite shows.

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Splurge on Red Box or use Netflix to supplement your viewing programs if you really need to watch that specific show. Many museums are free, or free specific days during the month.


It never hurts to ask, and you might learn something in the process. If you are planning to be in one location for several weeks or a month, generally campgrounds have a different rate for those staying longer periods of time. Always good to ask what rates are available. Join several RV clubs where memberships are offered. If you are good with people, and enjoy being in one place for several months at a time, you should think about being a campground host. Find more information about being a campground host here: Campground Host. Most campground host jobs are seasonal, but in some of the warmer areas in the US, they might be year round.

You will manage the campground site for a specific period of time in exchange for free rent to stay there. Not a bad tradeoff for a free place to stay. These will be campgrounds on private and government lands, such as in national and state parks.


Some RVers simply travel from one job to the next, and almost never have to pay for campground fees. There are an increasing number of RV jobs available which simply require you to have an internet connection, and you can work from home. Here are a few RVing with children tips to help your children settle in to traveling out on the road. Bring plenty of things to do during the drives between campgrounds. Kids will eventually get bored and start to cause trouble with their siblings we all did it growing up , so providing games, books, movies, and travel games will help to pass the time.

Get an atlas for each child, as well as a highlighter, and let them figure out where you are traveling as you drive though each state. Make sure to take plenty of bathroom breaks, and give the kids a few minutes to burn off some excess energy. Try and find a campground with some sort of activities available.

Make sure and have field guides available for your children to use while at the campsite. If you are camping near a beach, get a seashell guide. That way your kids can spend hours looking up and learning about all the shells they were able to collect at the beach. Make sure your child has a place of their own in the RV. Even if it is just a bunk bed, that bed is theirs and theirs alone. They need a place they can retreat to for some quiet time, reading, or just to get away from everyone if they need to take a nap.

Buying, outfitting and taking your RV out on road does not have to be a stressful experience. Just be sure to research and take your time looking for that RV that will fit your needs, and know what your budget will be. Make sure and keep the maintenance up on your RV, and do a walk around periodically to ensure everything is in tip top shape. Write checklists before you head out on the road, to ensure nothing is forgotten.

Make sure and follow the steps to winterize your RV, and to keep bugs outside where they belong. Budget your money wisely as you travel, and perhaps even look for odd jobs or be a campground host for several months to supplement your income.