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These will be perfect for next year! Join our Facebook Community! We need YOU! Thank you Bethany…these are awesome. And I agree, these would be perfect for your next craft show. Thank you for yet another fantastic free patten! Luckily the key rings and clips I already have are the perfect size. Lovely pattern….. I was searching for teacher gifts on Pinterest but nothing stuck out to me…so I decided to have my son pick out the yarn colors and I made these for his teachers. My son also rubbed a key with a crayon so it looked like there was a key hanging from it. All 3 teachers loved it. The only thing I did differently was instead of chaining I did a foundation single crochet followed by 2 more rows of single crochet.

It evened the sides out better for me. I used Peaches and Cream cotton yarn and an F hook, but mine still seems to be much larger than yours. Yeah, I have used Peaches and Cream before and I feel like my projects come out large when I use it, as well! Thank you so much for the pattern! Would you mind sharing where you bought the key hooks?

Thanks in advance. Followed your FB post here to your blog as your key fob caught my eye. These would make wonderful gifts for my grown children. Thank you for sharing. It was just going through my head, as I was reading the pattern, that these would probably be great for a craft fair — and then you said it in the blog! Lovely pattern, thanks for sharing. Your email address will not be published.

Photo 4 Position the two layers so right sides are facing outward and line them up. Photo 5 Tie off and weave in end. Photo 6 Photo 7 To finish your crochet key fob, using two strands of yarn on your darning needle and sew a line below the key ring, securing it at the end. Photo 8 1. I cannot crochet anymore due to my hands cramping and my 4 yr ols loves Mario. I found none that I could afford and so started making them myself. Mi email es paty,garcianaya gmail.

Hey question, when you used the g hook, how tall did this come out to be? Making this for a friend and need it to be a certain height :. I am going to use this pattern for loomigurumi crotchet with loom bands for my son. I just have to figure out something different for the felt pieces.

Thanks for the pattern. Your instructions are very clear and thorough! My mario is turning out to be super small with a 3. I'm excited to start luigi next :. Thanks so much for the pattern. I'm just stuck on the mustache part. Ch 7 and sl st into 2nd ch from hook. But then nothing. I'm wondering if there's more because it seems like a long chain if I just checked 5 right after that. Thanks for the info.

Looooove this pattern, it just became my next project. I'd like to crochet the eyes as well, do you have anything that might help me with that? Thank you so much!! Hi does anyone have a pattern for baby Mario costume trying to make a present but she wants a cap diper dungarees and brown socks or shoes if anyone can help plz email me to live. UK thank u. Me podrian ayudar con el sombrero esta todo bien hasta la ronda 11 Pero comienzo la ronda 12 y ya no me queda bien No puedo hacer.

HI, Thank you for sharing this pattern. I am having trouble with the last row of the hat, the one made of slip stitches. After it says to put two sc in the corner, I am assuming you refer to the corner where the brim meets the hat? And then, what direction should I follow?

All around the hat? Please help!

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This Crochet pattern from Demonstrative Amigurumi Bears is an easy to follow pattern that works up quick, The best part about this pattern is. pattern on amazon here. Jelly Bean Monsters by Sharon Ojala no longer available from other sources show hide. Craft. Crochet For more information, see:

Hello, Could you give me an idea of how tall and wide the plus how is please? Thank you for creating this wonderful, amigurumi pattern. My son has made two new friends, in his Mario brothers. I also made Luigi. You can see more on my blog post, about it. Some notes for those in Australia or UK, where 8 ply wool is more commonly available, I made mine with a 3. Mario turned out to be 7. It's more challenging to crochet in the front loops only, for the changeover from the hands, to the arms.

Because the arm is so narrow, and the yarn is not as thick, I had to crochet through both loops to strengthen the join. I didn't get the lovely cuff on the gloves, the pattern creator did, but I was more confident the hands would NOT get pulled off, during play. So keep that in mind when using the thinner, 8 play wool. Dapatkan berbagai bonus menarik hanya di Daftar Asik QQ daftar pokerpelangi balakqq daftar pelangiqq pokerkiu. I am so happy to have found these patterna that I donated to you I am about to begin the brim of the hat and attach it to the Hat. I'm just not exactly sure where to begin that Row 1.

I'm not sure what you meant by the "joining stitch" of the final round. Round 14 of the Hat was single crochet around. So, for the brim, do I begin in the first or last of that round14? Overall, your instructions are excellent! Post a Comment. Free Patterns!

All pages and patterns of this site can now be translated by using the 'Translate this Page' Gadget at the top of the right hand column of every page. Hopefully this will help many of you who are more comfortable reading in your native language. Sunday, August 23, Mario Plushie. This pattern has been a long time in the posting.

I've argued with myself over whether or not I should sell this one, but I just couldn't do it. I know it would sell well, and I surely do need the money, but the whole reason I began making these FAN ART plushes was because I know very well how hard it is to find good patterns to make things like these for the kids. I started out looking for patterns to make for my kids, and I found none that I could afford and so started making them myself. I will mention though that if anyone feels inclined to make a donation for the patterns I offer for free here, I have a donation button on the right hand side of the page, the amount is up to you and every donation is deeply appreciated.

This is a more complicated pattern than most of my plushes on here. That's mostly due to the fact there are many smaller parts I have checked the pattern many times and I feel like everything is there and is right, but if you run into anything that gives you trouble, just message me, I will be more than happy to help you. I try to check email at least three times a day if not more often. All the pictures are clickable so you can see them in larger size and get a better idea of the details such as ears, sideburns, etc.

I tried to get as many different views as possible. MATERIALS: WW yarn in blue, red, white, peach or a skin color and small amounts of black and brown G Hook Fiberfill Yarn Needle Felt in small amounts white, blue, black 2 small shirt buttons in yellow or gold if you have it Sewing thread to match yarns and felts and a medium duty to heavy duty sewing needle NOTES: Gauge isn't all that important, but your hook and yarn choices should result in a fairly tight stitch so that the stuffing won't show through.

Numbers in at the end of each round or row indicate the total number of stitches for that round or row. I recommend reading through the pattern before beginning, to familiarize yourself with the overall process of construction of the doll HEAD using peach : Rnd 1: 6 sc in Magic Ring 6 Rnd 2: 2 sc in each sc around 12 Rnd 3: sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc around 18 Rnd 4: sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc around 24 Rnd 5: sc in next 3 sc, 2 sc in next sc around 30 Rnd 6: sc in next 4 sc, 2 sc in next sc around 36 Rnd sc in each sc around 36 Rnd sc in next 4 sc, dec over next 2 sc around 30 Rnd sc in next 3 sc, dec over next 2 sc around 24 Begin stuffing at this point if you haven't already.

Stuff head firmly while shaping as you go along. Add any bits of stuffing needed to finish shaping the head nicely.

Crochet Owl Lady Amigurumi - Free Pattern - My Merry Messy Life

Weave tail through the final row and draw up tight to close. Secure and weave in ends. Stuff and shape. EARS: using peach, make 2 Rnd 1: 3 sc in magic ring do not join, do not ch 1 turn. Ch 5, slip stitch in next ch Ch 4, slip stitch in next ch Ch 3, slip stitch in next ch Ch 3, slip stitch in next ch Ch 4, slip stitch in next ch Ch 5, slip stich in last ch. BODY starting with blue : Rnd 1: 8 sc in Magic Ring 8 Rnd 2: 2 sc in each sc around 16 Rnd 3: sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc around 24 Rnd 4: sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc around 32 Rnd 5: sc in next 3 sc, 2 sc in next sc around 40 Rnd sc in each sc around 40 Rnd sc in next 3 sc, dec over next 2 sc around.

In last stitch, change to red yarn 32 Rnd sc in each sc around 32 Rnd sc in next 2 sc, dec over next 2 sc, 24 Rnd sc in each sc around 24 Rnd sc in next 2 sc, dec over next 2 sc around 18 Rnd sc in each sc around 18 Stuff and shape body firmly. Leave neck opening open. Attach red yarn to any of the 'free loops' inside of last round of stitches in hand.

Crocheting The Chocochilla with Katelyn McCaigue

Don't close the open end. Weave end through final round and pull to close. The 25 stitches will become the 'front' of the hat which is a little higher than the back of the hat. When you reach the section with the 25 sc from round 12, just continue to sc in each one the same as working in unjoined rounds. When you reach the last of the 25 sc, simply continue on to the sc from round When you reach the corner where the brim meets the hat, put 2 sc in that corner and resume slip stitching in each st around until you reach the starting point.

Cut an M from red felt I recommend using paper first so that you can be sure you like the look and the size before cutting from felt, using the paper M as a pattern. It seems like alot of extra work, but this will save you ALOT of hassle. Sew head to neck opening. Sew hat to top of head as shown, giving a slight tilt backwards on the head. Sew the 'hair' to the bottom of the hat at the back see the photos. Nose is sewn centered on the face with the brim of the hat, but a little lower on the face. Mustache is sewn under the nose much like the hair was at the back of the head. Ears should be placed just at the base of the hat on the sides of the head.

Experiment with the placement so that you can be sure you're happy with how the ears look. Sideburns are sewn just in front of the ears as shown.

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Arms are sewn to the sides of the upper body near the base of the head. If you made the version with the thumbs, be sure to pay attention to the position of the hands and that the thumb is in the right place. Hands should be slightly curved inwards. Suspenders are sewn on as shown crossing them in the back. Add the two small yellow or gold buttons to the suspenders where they meet the 'pants'.

Eyes are constructed from a larger oval shape in white, with a smaller oval shape in blue and another even smaller oval shape in black see photos. I also like to add a tiny white circle of felt as a catch light to the eyes to help give some dimention. Mario and Mario Brothers are copyright Nintendo. This pattern is an original pattern by Linda Potts August Please do not claim this pattern as your own.

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Hot glue over exposed cardboard and elastic. Reply Ruth Johnson 3 January at pm I am having the same trouble as in the 1st comment. Zach Kaplan. Great easy pattern. Count 18 stitches to the right of your starting point and insert ur sewing needle into the back loop of the 19th stitch. The brim is made with half double crochet stitches in the back loops only. I just keep trying it on for fit, then when it's comfy - it's done If you think about it - when you pull on a hat it stretches to fit, right?

If you wish to share this pattern, you may link to this pattern but please do not reprint it on your site or publish on any cd or collection. You may keep a copy for your own personal use but you may not sell or distribute it, or sell items made from this pattern. Photos are also property of and copyright Linda Potts. I love it! I love Mario!! August 23, at AM Deanna said I love him! August 23, at PM WolfDreamer said Thank you very much! August 23, at PM Erin the Red said Thank you for the comment! Is amazing! You do exceptional work - you've nailed Mario to a "T"! Thank you! August 24, at AM Dragonflymom said Thank you very much : August 28, at PM Amanda said August 29, at AM WolfDreamer said August 31, at AM WolfDreamer said September 2, at PM Marizza said September 2, at PM WolfDreamer said You're quite welcome!

September 5, at PM WolfDreamer said Some people don't care for the thumb, and some just have a bit of trouble with them, so I like to offer both ways of making the hand so that they have the choice : September 6, at AM Lupita said Thanks for responding. September 7, at PM Meg said Lovely pattern! You're very welcome : September 17, at AM Anonymous said September 17, at AM Anonymous said Do you have a pattern for Yoshi?

October 9, at PM Carla said I was planning to make this Mario for my nephew, but now I'm in dillema cause I'm so in love with this doll : October 10, at AM Ariana said Thank you so much for sharing the pattern by the way : October 15, at PM WolfDreamer said October 23, at PM Yarn Wolf said November 23, at AM Anonymous said November 24, at PM Vicky said Thanks for sharing this.

I will watch your list from now on. December 11, at PM Deonna said January 25, at PM Veronica said I have made someone very happy with this Mario. It looks great! March 1, at PM Anonymous said Forever grateful March 17, at PM virginia said You're very welcome, Virginia! I'm pleased that the pattern has made others happy : March 22, at AM Crisco said March 22, at PM Alesha said March 30, at PM Anonymous said April 24, at AM WolfDreamer said April 24, at AM RoboTrish said May 5, at PM WolfDreamer said May 6, at AM Anonymous said May 11, at PM WolfDreamer said May 14, at AM Josefina said May 14, at PM Josefina said May 14, at PM Anonymous said May 28, at AM WolfDreamer said May 28, at AM Esme said May 31, at AM Loredana said June 1, at AM Sonia said July 20, at PM rosieBee said The mustache is pretty difficult, but I'll manage.

Think you could make a Yoshi?

Crochet Owl Lady Amigurumi – Free Pattern

July 23, at PM Anonymous said August 3, at AM Ann-Courtney said August 8, at PM WolfDreamer said August 8, at PM mrs eviltedi said My Mario Kart mad 3yr old is going to love this You have just saved me. September 5, at AM Hilary said He's adorable! I added him to my Ravelry queue.

Thanks for sharring! September 8, at AM Andy said September 19, at AM Anonymous said October 31, at PM Anonymous said December 10, at PM WolfDreamer said Skipping leaves holes that are not very good when it comes to stuffing the doll :D December 10, at PM Anonymous said December 10, at PM Anonymous said December 22, at PM WolfDreamer said So for round 13, you attach the yarn to the center of the 11 stitches that were not worked in round 12 but are on round 11 December 22, at PM Anonymous said December 23, at AM Anonymous said January 10, at PM WolfDreamer said A little stuffing would probably fill it out, but I wanted your opinion before I actually did :- January 12, at PM WolfDreamer said This is great my boys and nephew will love him!!

January 15, at AM anushka said January 15, at PM WolfDreamer said This is strictly a matter of personal taste though, so whichever you prefer is best :D January 15, at PM anushka said In that part of the pattern, in rnd 8 you are working in the front loops only leaving the 8 back loops free In round 9, you are working in only the 8 free back loops, but you make two increases for a total of 10 stitches It's a little different that what you see most often in simpler patterns, but the details are what make the difference in these dolls :D January 26, at PM anushka said February 18, at PM Marge said April 3, at PM lottacurls said May 5, at PM Anonymous said May 9, at PM Anonymous said This is SUCH a cool pattern!

I'd luv 2 c a princess peach! May 11, at AM Marina Hyatt said June 3, at AM Anonymous said June 29, at PM Anonymous said July 1, at PM Lily said July 4, at PM Anonymous said July 13, at AM Anonymous said Thanks July 14, at PM [charis] said July 27, at PM Keri said August 4, at PM Panda Ayes said Do you sell any of these? They're so cute!

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I really want one!! August 9, at PM Christinanthemum said August 12, at PM Bugbug1 said August 26, at PM WolfDreamer said September 9, at AM WolfDreamer said Hey I luv ur patterns. I really wanna crochet a princess peach!! Please make one!! September 20, at PM Debbie said I taught crochet to middle schoolers a few years back and these would have been a great choice ;- September 21, at PM Mary said Fold felt over around the entire edge.

Glue raw edges of elastic flat to middle of cardboard circle. Hot glue over exposed cardboard and elastic. Wrap green pipe cleaner around a pen to make it curly.

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Hot glue pipe cleaner curl to top of hat. Hot glue pom-pom over the center of the pipe cleaner. Reusable Shirt: If you want to reuse the orange shirt, skip the felt and hot glue, and just use self-stick craft foam for all the facial features. Remove elastic and craft foam pieces after costume use.

What to wear underneath: wear neutral pants or leggings black, green, or white or tights black, white, green, or striped and black shoes. If your weather is cold, wear a black, white, orange or green turtleneck, long-sleeved shirt, or hooded sweatshirt underneath pumpkin shirt. Baby Pumpkin: This costume will work well for infants or toddlers, just adjust t-shirt size use toddler t-shirts and avoid plastic bag stuffing. Heather Mann is chief editor of Dollar Store Crafts, and specializes in transforming inexpensive materials into stylish and simple craft projects.

DSC has been recognized as named one of Babble. Especially the last 2 minutes! Awesome and simple costume! I also thought the video was very funny candy bars seem to be a good incentive for your model.