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This particular link I have posited above is from the Telugu original. It is from the movie Swathi Muthyam. This movie went on to win several awards. This song is also sung by one of the legendary singers of Indian cinema, Ms. This song has been tuned in other regional languages, including Tamil and has been one of the meed of My friend Tyler just had a baby a few months ago.

I shared on my Facebook page that we were doing this project with lullabies — and he mentioned he'd recently been browsing iTunes for lullabies. He said he kept coming across songs from bands like Led Zeppelin, Metallica and Pink Floyd — but turned into a lullaby. Take a listen.

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And if you're wanting to compare, A woodwind quintet performs this historic Irish lullaby, courtesy of Richard Kearns at Wikimedia Commons. Later, I learned this was the most traditional song she ever sang to us and not a song she'd made up just for her children. No one in my family knows when "Old Grumble" came into the family. Over 4 generations know this song, now. We know it is a dark song, odd, and not really suitable as a lullabye. Old Grumble is a ghost, after all, who rises up and knocks an old lady down. The last verse about "if you want any more, you can sing it your self" seems to be the perfect tired parent's response This song is about a girl whose boyfriend is very sick.

She sends for the doctor to save him. His name is Vaiao. Recorded in Samoa in I don't have any children of my own, but thinking of these tender little ones inspired me to write a lullaby or two for the day that I will. Last month Irish poet Micheal O'Siadhail gave a reading at my Boston-area college which included this poem on the nonsense syllables of lullabies in the world's many languages, sung to the world's many darlings.

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LullabyStains are in, stains are in, The instant our songs beginTo rockabye my darling baby Dreaming up worlds of maybe. Then byssa, byssa barnet Beddie byes my snowy Arne,Quieter now and slumber-bound, Rest in lulls of milky sound. Ninna nanna, ninna I was one of 10 children and my mother used to sing this as a way of giving comfort.

Before she died, I did a little video of her sharing a snippet of it. Rickie Lee often plays this today. It just shows how lullabies are passed on from generation to generation. The cycle of life passes from lovers, to married with children, to grandparents and then oblivion. You can sing the last part as sadly drawn out to the point it makes the child laugh at the ridiculousness.

My mother sang this song to us at night. We requested it often. I loved the image of the old baboon combing his hair by the light of the moon. And we always laughed gently about the poor monkey's mistake. I wrote this song in late , when my kids were nearly grown. It's one of the few songs that I wrote from the guitar notes, rather than starting with a lyrical phrase as I usually do. The notes suggested a lullabye, and that's what it became.

For me, it was deeply resonant with that feeling of love for my children, and brought memories of when I did, indeed, hold them and sing and rock them to sleep. I learned this from my mother-in-law after my first child was born in She may have learned it from her involvement in the folk music revival of the 50s and 60s. I just met my twin 2 month old granddaughters for the first time - they liked this lullaby too!

One from a disc of sweet nurturing essence. Lay back into this one. Let it embrace you and your child.

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A lullaby, or cradle song, is a soothing song or piece of music that is usually played for (or sung to) children. The purposes of lullabies vary. In some societies . Wonderful Lullabies is your Youtube channel for: bedtime music, lullabies for babies, nursery rhymes and soft classical music.

Feel safe and loved again Barely a night goes by when our 4 year-old daughter doesn't ask us to sing her "Over the Rainbow" after we switch off the light. We usually comply but each often slip in something else as well.

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One is something I've been singing her at bedtime since almost day one--Paul McCartney's "I Will," from the Beatles' White Album, which I never realized till I had a kid is just the perfect bedtime song. I made this up one night when I needed to calm both me and my kid down. I composed it to match the rhythm of my rocking chair. I was feeling desperate for some rest and making a plea to God for help.


Takashi Hirayasu is a well-known musician from the Japanese island of Okinawa. In this son, Hirayasu plays a special, three-stringed instrument called a shamisen. Chuei Yoshikawa, a Japanese guitar player, accompanies. The song in English is titled Song from Asadoya. While a lullaby doesn't come to mind, my Dad used to sing us kids a "waking up" song. Could that be called a reverse lullaby? So in tribute to Mr. Rooney, and in honor of my father's cheerful-and-often-unsuccessful attempt to rouse me and my siblings out of bed, here's my reverse lullaby.

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Sleep, baby, sleep, Your father tends the sheep, Your mother shakes the dreamland tree, And from it fall sweet dreams for thee…. One of the most beautiful lullabies, for sure. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are! Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky…. Every child looks up at the sky and tries to understand the stars! Plenty of adults too. Why We Love It: Technically, the lines above are not the opening lines of this country classic—those are about serious heartbreak.

Which is why, since Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell debuted the song in , parents have skipped to the somewhat lighter chorus, which, when sung in lullaby form to children, reminds them how special they are. The message: With a little faith, everything is possible. It encourages kids to keep dreaming, and we believe only good can come from that. Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling, From glen to glen, and down the mountain side….